Brand Power

I was supposed to complete this long time ago when I was tagged by Shruti,  and then Ashwini tagged me again. I thought better take it soon, lets there is a hit on me!!!

The first brand hitting me in the morning and is the same one which stays with me late night..Lenovo

Attached to it is the Idea net setter currently tried hard to copeup with my typing speed.

There lying beaneath the heap of clothes, is my Nokia 3315, the original hard rock and shock proof phone purchased when mobile phone was a luxury of rich (around 7-8 years ago)

I see my colgate sensitive tooth brush and close up active gel waiting for me to use them.

I prepare for office using Peter England shirts and Koutons short sleeves shirts.

So that's it... I don't see a lot of brands around me now. So who are my bakra's now.

So, as the tradition goes, I always tag people only once, this way no one comes back to kill me, so i choose only newest friends to tag. Old friends, if you do like this tag, be my guest...

Samadrita: The bengoli misti girl with the Aura of sleepless dreams.
Deeps!! She shares the name with my special someone, and has a wonderful blog too.
Neha: Sharing her demented wisdom with us from aamchi mumbai.
Naveen kumar: The devil man is here...he talks less and his mind talks more and that to in saffron.
Adesh Sidhu: I know, I have tagged u before...and i am bending my rule here, but u r a CRM guy and I know you will love it.


  1. Good.. lenovo is one of the best lappies in town.. 3315 was my first cell phone!!! such less number of brands eh?! I thought you wud be needing more owing to the number of heads you have

  2. Thanks for a tag...will try to fulfill dear....

  3. Hey thanks for tagging me!
    Will work on it soon :)

  4. There's a li'l something for you in my blog.Might wanna take a look! :)

  5. hey Sid... long time... hows life coming along buddy... by the way you still have a Nokia 3315... amazing...

  6. NOKIA 3315 with advanced features eh? It is the brick model na!!
    Great!! Nice tag!
    Neatly presented!

  7. @Ashwini
    I am not a brand guy...i use simple simple things for simple simple souls...

  8. @Neha, Adesh, and Sammy
    Yo people...wud like 2 c ur brands...:D

  9. @Mukund
    Hey man..welcome back...yeah I do have 3315...but i avoid using it in public...:P

  10. @Shruti
    Yeah the advance feature includes the ear deafening monotonic ring tones, a heavier than my laptop weight, skull cracking exterior and a not working keypad. :P

  11. @Sammy
    Taking a bow...:D thanku thanku

  12. Nicely done tag... with a dash of humour, as always! :)

  13. Cool! Lenovo's my laptop too!! :)

    You did this tag half heartedly, :( that is why so less brands...look around, your TV, Watch, Shoes, Bike/Car, Bank, Mobile Service, Insurance Company, Soap, Shampoo, Oil, Fans, Bulb/Tube-light...the list is endless. There are brands all around us!!


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