Chamya giri

With social networking getting popular we become friends with weird names, So happens here. Hope you like it, toon mania is back. Psst. next post, 11 awards to give away….yay wuu huu!!!!
Btw... cricket fans check out my previous article.


  1. Well thank God i have my own name in the web world.....unlike some of my friends who keep changing their identity which makes me (i guess themselves ) also difficult to know who is who.....and wait a minute did i read soemthing about awards........oh yes it is AWARDS !!!! Well keeping my fingers cross.....and where would like the dinner tonight siddesh??? ;)

  2. Hahaha... man that was hilarious.
    But what does chamya giri mean?

  3. yeah weird things can happen on social networking sites!


  4. its getting more n more difficult to find people even in your own frnd list :((

  5. @Pankaja
    heh heh heh...i was one of those guys who changed name too often...:D

    and yes awards as in on auspicious day of dussera!!!!

  6. @Pooja
    Thanks...and lookout for me!!!!

  7. @Samdrita
    Chamyagiri is my name of toons, revolving around center character Chamya (who is not in this strip btw..)

    Will put one more explaining the characters!!!

  8. i liked this picture alot!
    Glad i have my real name :P

  9. @Bharathi
    Goog one?? :P

    Hey thanks ...:D

  10. Yeah. And the worst of it is when they don't even write their original names and we keep on scratching our heads who this person is :X

  11. :) gud 1 dude!! and nice prof pic yu hav!

  12. was this pun targeted at me :( :P I have one such name in blogosphere.. but the cartoon was too amazing.. why dont you draw more cartoons? it was too awesome

  13. @Ashwini
    Heh heh aparently you have a friend called neo too...:D

    I draw more cartoons re...but I have 24 strips deal with some I have 2 double write every for them, one for blog. The deal ends next month., so u will see more cartoons here...:D

  14. Nice one Sid! I never tried to have such name! I think I should try!!It looks like fun... :-)
    BTW A new movie is coming by your name and it is a comedy too! I think you should write a post about it! What do you think?

  15. @Pra
    all the best...and don't add me...:P


  16. Nice...yes some names are weird!


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