Chicken Bucket

Disclaimer: This post is certified disgusting, however you must understand is living 3000 miles away from your home with limited recourses you have to use any available means to fulfill your requirements.

If you have not seen my comments on your post recently, then just announcing I am officially back, I am trying hard to cope up with my missing days by reading all the blog post I missed out, only I have moved from 2gb bandwidth to 12 kbps…so speed is a ‘little’ less. Updates, I am back to Noida and now am trying to meet all the bloggers in Delhi NCR. If you want to meet me, provide me your contact information on Chat Box.

My welcome party in Noida included ten of my pals who where happy that I finally came back to my rannbhumi (I consider Pune as my home town, jalmbhumi, and Noida as my work town, rannbhumi)

Obviously to grace the occasion there was supposed to be a party, but since I was really tired due to heavy traffic jam (read Adesh post for details) so decided to have a small house party at my place. The house I live in is very small and do not have any resources, I have a small stove on which i cook maggie, tea and sometimes Chutter Mutter Paneer.

When my friend mentioned that we will have a house cooked chicken, we stumbled. Yes, chicken is available but how do we cook a chicken for 10 people on little gas?

Well, welcome to the little Einstein genius and, we cooked the chicken in a water bucket with a heater rod!!!

Oh it tasted delicious…however now i am wondering how am I going to take a bath tomorrow morning!!!



  1. :)) :))....
    hey hey....
    tomorrow you will have a chicken bath...

  2. now that's called a real yummy delicios chicken bucket.. tu cooking pan mein ya frying pan mein naha le.. he he he! :P

    hey you take care of yourself alright? living away from home and all that..


  3. Err... are you the chicken taking a bath? :P

  4. hehehe do tell us how was the bath :P

  5. Can we call it necessity as mother of all innovation :D ....

  6. hahaaha....funny and nice idea mr. einstien :P

  7. @Rahul
    Heh heh heh...i did have a chicken bath!!!

  8. @Rane
    Good idea...frying pan main nahana will b a good idea...:D

  9. @Guria
    Chee chee,.. ppl cannot eat me...:P

  10. @Aditya
    I felt so eeeu eeeu while taking the finally I decided to sit under the tap...:D

  11. @Dhiman
    Ya u can call that...necessity is the mother...;)

  12. @Pooja
    Thank you... you are welcome to try it at your own risk..:P

  13. @Ashwini
    As i said...try it at ur own risk..;)


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