Fiction 55, Revenge is a sweet game.

Fiction 55 is a fiction story written in 55 words or less. Google it here.

They were together for last two years, yet, it didn't take him two minutes to inform,

‘It’s over’

She rolled the bottle on the table, should she do it?

She hardened her face,'Yes, there is no other option.'

Wiping her tears she emptied the complete bottle of red chilly into his food.
Like it? I have written 8 more, I betcha you will enjoy them just like this one. Read.AWARDS NITE TONITE…SEE YOU THERE.


  1. Ossum!!
    Your pictre told everything!!

    Too good!!

  2. Yo...and so i removed the picture...its spoiling the suspense...heh heh heh...;)

  3. this 55 word fiction thing is really good! ... complete bottle of red chillies lolz

  4. Hey thanks naveen...glad u liked it...:D

  5. wonderful dude..!!
    tats one word i cn say...

  6. @Priya
    Thanks...those r two words actually...;)

  7. red chilli powder to avenge...
    interesting..point jotted down sir:p

  8. Nice one!It feels good to read a 55 fiction which induces laughter for a change. :P

  9. well now i knw wat i hav to do to when i invite someone for dinner hahaha

  10. @Rahul
    Err... try keeping sugar cubes in ur pockets!!! :D

  11. @Samditra
    a thought like this made me take this pledge of writing humour fiction 55 for a change...:D

  12. @Pankaja
    And there goes my RSVP if you ever invite me!!! :P

  13. Nice one Sid! Two awards are waiting for you! Please collect them!

  14. oh wow... pra...that adds up more than wat titanic oscars!!! :D

  15. A bottle of Red Chillies .... bapre .... I can't even imagine but I can bet there are some of my friends who can tolerate that one too...

  16. May be you should have left the pic on for dumb fellas like me to understand better :-)

  17. Btw. can you do something to this comment procedure as I have to press 'post comment' three times to post it here. may be this is my suggestion.

  18. @Dhiman
    All the best for ur friends...:P

  19. @Bharathi..
    no it spoiled the complete surprise...

    btw..isn't that like the normal process??? I did not do anything extra on my page??

    still will go hunting for any solution...

  20. hehehe

    man beware, you are giving new ideas to girls :P

    Next time you have food, check before you eat :P

  21. Agree with Bharathi... even I find your comment box irritating..have to press multiple times and sometimes, it doesnt take my comment and vanishes.. I need to retype everything all over again :( check out the boxes on others..
    reg post, very hilarious.. you gave me some ideas to take revenge ;)

  22. BTW, you dint read my latest post :-L

  23. you have been tagged by the great great avada.. check out my blog for details

  24. Red chillies huh? Lol. Awesome :D

  25. @Bharathi and Ashwini
    I have removed the word i think d problem will b solved...lemme know.

    Sorry dear...i came home late yesterday and was really i have degraded my net connection to 12kbps from 2 mbps...u imagine the amount of patience one needs to take to load blogs.
    But don't worry, I will b reading ur post tonite..will come home early for it..:D

  26. @Aditya
    Some bloggers are giving idea for poison...i chillies is a good option compared 2 dat...:D

  27. Thanks for the info .. I take good notes, will break up over the phone, if I ever have to ;)

  28. @Sourav
    Watch for my next f55...will find a way for revenge on phone too...:P

  29. Wah! Kya 'solution' hai... !!!

    After tasting the 'chilli sauce laden food'... the concerned person will become a parrot in his next birth/incarnation...

    And the person who poured the chilli sauce... may become a red chilli herself ;)

  30. @Roshmi
    this solution is always better than taking up poison isn't it...:P

    lets hope so...:P

  31. woah!
    that was some revenge! :D

  32. Very nice ;;)
    Red chilly paste in food, that's an interesting twist in a serious till the end story.

    Am off to read your complete 55fiction series.


  33. whoaaaa! me wrote a similar piece sum days yrs tode n instantly related to it!:) hehhe


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