Going for a brain transplant.

Hi there folks,
I am pretty much known around here by the name Ravan or Sid or Siddhu Buddu or Crazy Sid or Sid the Kid. Whatever the name is, I am going out of blogville for the next few days.

I am actually going for a brain transplant, next I will be back only for blog-a-ton on 5th and den a long break later. Obviously I will be seen around your blogs and will be reading the post, but the frequency will be less but I assure you I will be replying to every one of your post.

You can see me online after coundown:

Hope you do not miss me.

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe.

P.s. If you want to remember me you can go ahead and read some older post available on the blog.


  1. Seriously? you will out of the blogging world? :o hey we will miss your funny posts..

  2. to which hospital are you going??
    I mean brain transplant...
    I mean doctors pareshaan nahi ho jaayenge dus saroan ka brain transplant karne mein...

  3. We will sure miss your witty posts and comments. come back soon.

  4. Brain Transplant break !!! Gr8 ... You are proving 'Ravan' true... 10 heads or brains or minds ;))

  5. I shall consider this post as a funny one and waiting for your next post anxiously ;) .

    Please dont stop writing :O

  6. miss ya for sure..
    well wow..u badly need tat transplant :P:P

    tc hav a nyc tym :)

  7. Enjoy the well deserved break!!!

  8. first off did not expect so strong reactions...:o did not know ppl actually like the stuff i write about...~x(

  9. @Ashwini...
    now that you have mentioned it...its a tempting comment...but my brain is really rusted and need a transplant...hopefully i will be back by September end...:D

  10. @Rahul
    Nayi yaar...doctors are actually waiting to see at what extend my brain runs...:P

  11. @Bharathi
    Obviously can't miss those comments...and yes you are the dude...and write things i don't think about...can't miss dem can i???
    I will b commenting...only sparingly...

  12. @Dhiman
    Have to refresh my brain once in a while ain't it??? ;)

  13. @Aditya
    Oh wow...now that's a request...:D hey no obviously I won't stop writing i just won't do it in september...:D

    Obviously you will see my post on 5th September as a part of Blo-a-ton after that...poof...

  14. @Priya
    :D don't worry you will see me soon...:D

  15. Sidhu,
    if you have a brain transplant we will miss those brain that gives so many crazy stuffs!!

    Happy de-addiction time!!

  16. lol :P
    I loved the comment made by RS haha
    cya soon :)

  17. brain transplant sounds interesting .....wonder wat wud come up on the blogs after it. if v dont like u may hav to go fr a 2nd one again so think 2ce or may b take a 2nd opinion;)from an expert ( u knw whom i am talkin)

  18. Well, your blog header warned me i should take your brain-transplant-thing with a spoon of humor and I hopefully did ! :) Well, get back soon and am waiting to read more of yours !! :)

  19. @Shruti and Pankaja.
    yeah the blog will b refreshed completely after I com back...i hope!!!

    @Purple Heart...
    eh no actually I am taking a break...:D

    will com back soon...

  20. Good, now all of us should catch up the step of fashion tide,i like your word!

  21. @Coach Handbag
    Thanks, i have written many words on it too...and i also write sponsored words...:D


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