The height of blogging…. literally!!!

I am writing this article on board flight 212 SpiceJet at the altitude of 37,000 feet flying off to Delhi। Its been an hour since we are airborne and the scene outside is ommmph!!

Hey why is the plane turning??? Oh nothing nothing

Manu has generously offered me a window seat so i can write this article informing the abode of God. I can actually feel he is watching me right now, somewhere on top and smiling, probably even waving at me. I now understand why there are so troubles on earth, because from top you do not have a clear vision of places below, so probably only a nuke explosion can inform God about trouble below.

Its a funny think that its 9/11 and I am aboard a plane, remember of another plane which became famous on 9/11…gee thoughts crop in from anywhere.

The aircraft crew have shamelessly announced that they will be selling food for 150 bucks and hey the pilot has announced we are facing a slight turbulence on flight.

My prophecy of running after train is suddenly promoted to running for the plane, as I checked in just in time for closure of boarding gate!!!

This time the God of prophecies came in form of potholes and road works who detoured my car by miles around the city. I had requested them to land the plane in the chowk next door, but apparently they needed the airport to land….sheesh… people and their demands.

I wonder why, but I always seems to enjoy the flight when I am not paying for it, well, who doesn’t? I will be living in Noida for some time now, and hope to meet you blogger pals in Delhi NCR region soon.

Somehow, I miss my train rides, for I miss the unhealthy food we get on all the railway platforms. I have left Pune an hour ago, and I have already started missing vada pav, missal pav and stuff, however the prospect of eating delicious momos with shezwan chutney is keeping my spirits high.

I am also wondering how do they dispose the waste from the plane, wait, even if you know…don’t tell me.

A I-do-not-exist-without-my-makeup airhostess with the worlds most weirdest hairdo ever has served me a boxed food which only serve veg…baah…this is bad, this is sand-in-the-swimsuit-bad, no non-veg food on high altitude while changing states!!!

A I-am-paid-heavily-to-smile-at-you airhost has come up and shamelessly asked for money for the veg sandwich they served. I will be taking a coffee break and resuming the article.

Break. Author busy munching(and internally crying) on a Veg sandwich.

Remember the place Neo took trinity on the date at the end of Matrix Revolutions while the machines chased them? I am exactly there…and seriously wish I had a date with me here (Obviously Dipu…duh oh)

The I-am-paid-heavily-to-smile-at-you has come back with I-am-also-paid-more-than-him-to-pick-your-trash airhost and a big trash can and with all the fake politeness they can muster ask me to put the trash in there.

A I-am-the-only-customer-of-all-the-makeup-products hostess serves me free bottle of water once in for all, and me realizing that water is the only free thing available on the plane, keep on ordering it again and again.

Well, cause-and-effect my darling, I drank water I have to pee, (Matrix revolutions again damm now the movie is stuck in my head!!)

So anyways, my body works in so miraculous way, I received a very big nature’s call when the pilot announced, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated fasten your seatbelts. No one will be allowed to use the washrooms!!!!’ Oh my…

The flight landed safely and I finished my journey around 24 hrs early on New Delhi airport.

P.s. I am still not very free from my work so have seen your comments and will answer them soon.


  1. I never know you are addicted to blogging this much!!
    I know u will miss vada pav's and cheese sandwiches! No more SRK's!!
    Siddhu!! Happy journey!

  2. he he...
    one more masterpiece from Sid..
    so finally did you do it? forgot to mention it..

  3. now this is called as true blogging spirit.. :)

    thou inspire us :P


  4. @Shruti
    No more SRK...hell no...dear...i picked up a net connect card for bloggin...yay...

    I will continue bloggin..

  5. @Rahul
    That days was worse in my life...keep following will post another soon...

  6. hehe that was humorous.:D

    Btw was I-do-not-exist-without-my-makeup airhostess hot?

  7. @Aditya
    Naah.. i do not think so...:( it was domestic flight adjust karna padta hai...
    but she was dumb from the look of it...:D

  8. Sid bhaiya

    Next time teach God how to blog....


  9. Remembering The god and Matrix together?! With dumb airhostess....LOL!Very funny post!

  10. I like reading your posts... you really have your own style of writing... very entertaining :))

    P.S. In Noida... you'll get to savour mouth watering north Indian stuff along with chats... so chill!

  11. @Roshmi
    Gee thanks...:D u r still d top commentor on the blog!!!!

    ;) Now u found the hidden more u will find some more clues!!! :D

  12. Hahaha.. good one.. blogging while on the plane too :-o you are extremely blog addicted :))

  13. @Ashwini
    Now that u mention it...i realize it...:D


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