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For me the horrors of school life are not limited to the algebra problems or the history of beings. The nightmares began with the chapter Mogli and the Bunder log with me renamed as the Mogli and my friends as the banderlog!!!
Nowadays schools teaching method have changed, nowadays it seems they explore the inner quality of the child… i actually cried the day, the school teacher reported my bhanji’s ability to paint moustaches on the faces in history book was consider a hidden passion for contempory art, for in my school days painting a moustache for considered an opportunity to test the strength of your fingers as the teachers hits you with wooden rulers.
Oh well, you know whenever I try to think of my school days in the nineties… all I remember is the slaps, wooden rulers and wounds.

My sister asked me for a favor to visit the bhanji’s parents teachers meeting as a guardian, immediately the old tickers started in my mind about the ‘parent-teachers’ meeting in our day.
There where only two ways the both evil empires met, when my teacher invited them to mention how good I am at bad things and send…the dreaded, the evil most and the horrible…Open day!!!
You usually do not like the people talking bad things about you in your front right? Siddhesh is this…siddhesh is that… I mean hello, I am standing there right in front of you!!!
Then the stare by my mom as if she has received the beacon of trashing me from the teachers and the evil grin on the face of the teacher… the flashback pulled me back to reality!!!!
‘Welcome, you are her guardian? Please take a seat.’ Oh yeah, the weapons are sharpened!!!
‘You see, she scored very poor in her exams,’ went on the teacher. Ossum…Khunas…badla…now my sis is gonna trash her.
‘And we feel you are to blame for that!!!’ Oye…I already have received my trashing in my childhood.
‘She tells us that you both watch cartoon channel together? I will suggest sir that you better take her studies at home,’ Hullo? where is she doesn’t study at all thingy???
‘We are also conducting a special workshop on attentiveness, being a guardian you can also visit, I think you need it more than her.’ What the??? I mean is this my open day again???
Damm modern education system.
The other day my bhanji came crying to me that the teacher punished her for doing mischief in class (yeah she has my qualities, everyone says so) the teachers asked her to do lines…poo poo!!! Only lines? Again the old film reel… The punishment in my school days… You know I always wondered the geography teacher was earlier from Hogwarts, for she always said, ‘Nahi toh murga bana dungi’ (Do it or i will make you into a cock) transformation?
Well, then there was this geometry teacher who made girls slap boys if they did not do homework…yeah izzat ka kachra (slang for feeling ashamed)!!!!
Punishment varied from getting hit on the knuckles with wooden scales to running rounds of the ground four to five times!!!
My sister called me one afternoon and asked me to collect my bhanji from school, it seems her stomach was aching in the middle of Physical Training class. The school had called a in-house doctor and had asked the parents to pick her up, I remember out PT instructor, when I informed my stomach was aching, he twisted my stomach so hard that it actually started aching, then not stopping there he made me run around the ground more three times!!!
The school system has hanged drastically since the days I went to school. Now torturing the children is a criminal offense…damm…I wanted to get the beacon from my parents.
I hope you like this not so short write up!!!
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