The three mistakes of my life

I am an atheist, so I generally avoid religion, my knowledge on cricket died down when I asked my brother who is the guy hitting the century, and he gave me a you-are-an-alien-from-planet-zoran look of disgust(I later find out he is Sachin Tendulkar). I had business, but I do not involve my friends into it, so not interested in sharing the thousands of mistakes I made them. So this is not about cricket, religion and business this is about some other three mistakes or rather one mistake, I repeated 3 times.

So, the first one happened when I was in class 11th. I saw her waiting in the admission line and I fell in love with her (or so I thought that time, never take a degree from bollywood university) I knew she was the one… the only one, made for me.

I had to do something, I had to talk to her maybe? I am not those ‘How-you-doin’ guys, and I definitely terribly afraid when I talk to girls. The thing about life is, all your confidence and good smile goes down the drain the second you need it most.

Same thing happened here and I could not talk to her.

The year changed, our subjects where different, our class rooms changed. I tried going to college on regular time, but apparently my laziness and the pathetic subjects forced me to roam around Pune instead of staying in college. I never got to see her again.

The second mistake happened immediately next year when I entered 12th class. This time I saw her and I realized she was the one, the only one. Little did I know, so thought 50 guys behind me as soon as they saw her. I am pretty much convinced she was a veela in disguise as a muggle. Suddenly I started going on the bus stop to catch the local train. Lost any taste in food (actually that was also because there is not good food near railway station)

I knew my first mistake and a good person is that one which never repeats it. So, I shouted out loud, ‘By the power of gray skull’ thinking I will turn into he-man (which also did not happen) I walked near her and the first thing I said to her was, ‘I love you!!!!’

‘Excuse me?’ She.

‘Erm…sorry…sorry…its a mistake,’ I smiled dumbly.

What happened next is a classified CIA file and I never saw her again.

The third mistake happened after two years and this was the gravest mistake I did, which I still regret. I met her in our second year engineering, she was crying sitting alone in the class, as our subject teacher had told her she will fail in subjects.

I consoled her and offered to teach her programming (the only thing, I found out, which generated confidence in me and apparently boosted my moral) and I committed the third mistake of my life. What happened next, I am completely to blame for.

These are the three mistakes of my life, one happened due to my less confidence, one happened due to confidence and the third happened due to over-confidence. If you see the write-up is a bit discreet and does not name names, it is for the sake of the people involved in the write-up.
The thing about fate is that, it behaves unpredictably. You will be surprised to know, all the three girls mentioned above have the same first name.

P.s. If you are reading this and you know the people or places in the write up, keep your mouth shut. I do not wish to have blame-game on my blog.

P.p.s. I have not committed a fourth mistake till date.


  1. it...
    d best line of the piece was indeed ..:"The thing about fate is that, it behaves unpredictably."....:)
    Tk care... :)

  2. Hmm, nice mistakes! If they weren't there you'd have had a boring life ain't it?!! :D

    By the way, why does the post start with I am an atheist... is it very important to proclaim (or convince) that??!!! :D

    Good writing! :)

    Cheers ^_^

  3. Didn't quite get the 3rd mistake ..did she fail after tutions from u or something ? ..LOLs @ the 2nd mistake

  4. You already made another mistake-by terming those three as 'mistakes' ;)

    well written :))

  5. i too did mine first mistake :p..hope will get chance to commit my 2nd and third mistake soon[:d]

  6. @Rimz
    :D thats... it does behaves unpredictably...

  7. @Guria
    No, whenever someone hears about 3 mistakes they assume its about religion, cricket and i proclaimed its nothing there...;)

  8. @naveen
    hey I have seen you around lately...first off, welcome to sidoscope...
    second...the third mistake was i offered her some tutions...she didn't fail, I had to complete my engineer in 5 years...instead of 4...:P

  9. @Aditya
    Its been 2 years since I committed the 3rd mistake. I am not sure this accounts for a mistake...:D
    This is just accepting to the guilt!!! ;)

  10. @amethiawarh
    Hey thanks...and welcome to the blog...btw...i cannot access ur profile...

  11. Siddhu!!
    You completed engineering in 5years after teaching her?!
    Really that is something!

  12. @Shruti
    Heh heh i said it is my 3rd mistake...;)

  13. "Suddenly I started going on the bus stop to catch the local train.":)) :))
    I just every line of this post....
    but I am curious..what happened next?:(

    a great read:p

  14. All are really nice mistakes Sid. Everyone should do these kind of mistakes!:-) and doing engeneering in 5 years is cool!!(You know the name who do it in 4 don't you!? Ha..Ha...) And so you are ready to repeat a mistake 4rth time...?
    Cool post!

  15. okay now that was something.. because of your earlier mistakes, you learnt not to repeat the same mistake ;) does your third mistake read your blog? you better be careful.. you dont want to commit the fourth you? :P

  16. Engineering mistakes are the ones u learn most from!! :P but seriously nice post!!

  17. Hey, visit my blog
    there is something waiting for you :)
    Hope you like it:)

  18. @Rahul
    Dose are mistakes what will happen?? I had to go through a very painfull heart break all 3 times!!!

  19. @Pra
    Naah man...i don't have energy to commit a fourth mistake...

    And i really suggest...I have written these article cos noone should commit such mistakes.

  20. @Niveditha
    Thanks...i don't like any of the mistakes...;)

  21. @Ashwini
    I really hope so she reads...but that's why I am so discreet...i did not post details...and i wish to avoid third world war!!!

  22. @Deeps
    yeah...I really hope people do not commit such mistakes!!!

  23. @Rahul
    Yo dude...i accepted and overwhelmed...:D

  24. lol :P
    du write abt ur fourth one too weneva u will commit it :P
    such fun to read ...

  25. @Suga
    :-o :| gosh... i really hope I never commit my fourth mistake!!!!

  26. :)
    A classified CIA file?!
    Great that u are walking on ur legs now!
    Good post, and u need to improve ur general knowledge about cricket mate ;)

  27. all the 3 mistakes were cz of same thing and led to the same one ;)
    Lovely write up :)


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