55 Fiction My Baby.

55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

Criteria for 55 Fiction

A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:
  1. Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable ruleCheck, words 54.
  2. A setting,  Check.
  3. One or more characters, Check, three characters.
  4. Some conflict, Check
  5. A resolution. Check. 
  6. The title of the story is not part of the overall word count, but it still can’t exceed seven words. Check. 
Ok, enough of this unnecessary gyaan, read on…
The sensation was pleasant as he kept the little one in his arms. The two day old was resting in those sturdy arms.
‘Look mommy what do we have here…,’ he asked playfully as he entered the maternity room to see the mother,
‘…Somebody elses child,’ mommy replied caressing their child in her lap. 
If you do like it, I have many more lined up for you. Read them here.


  1. Errrrr... didn't quite get it :(

  2. @Roshmi
    heh heh heh.... arey he picks up the wrong kid...:P men!!!

  3. LOL. i found it funny ..i dont know if it was supposed to be :P

  4. How can one find a 2-year old kid in a maternity ward?And how can a guy be dumb enough to think that it is a newborn baby?Lol.

  5. @Orange
    It was funny...:P c'mon... i write only funny things...;)

  6. @Sammy
    Oops my bad... it is supposed 2 b 2 days old...recently been to my friends first kid... was totally confused wid the kids there...:P

  7. Lol good you edited it.Nice one Sid.
    Anyway you're tagged.Check my blog!

  8. I was confused about this 55F the moment i read this! I had the same doubt as sammy asked!
    now after u changed this! It is cute!

  9. well the gyaan was more usefull i still dont knmo wat 55 fiction actually is...NOT ANYMORE>>LIFE IS BLISS>> :P :P (ignorance is still a better bliss.. lol)

    nice story...funny.. :) dint get it entirely though..who knows if there are hidden meaning..like ur davinci o someone..:P

  10. that someone else must be going crazy thinking someone kidnapped his child ha!
    and yessss, you ARE now officially awesome ;)

  11. @Frazenwell
    no d post is just a joke...but dere r hidden meanings in my blog...:D

    go figure!!!

  12. @Manju
    Welcome to blog..officially...:D yeah...i am ossum...:D

  13. lol..that was a good one :-)...

  14. @Titaxy
    :D thank you...and welcome 2 sidoscope

  15. lols.... picking up the wrong child .... thats right up there with "dont mess with santa on xmas eve" on my not to do list :P

  16. @Naveen
    Good for u...not good for the husband...:P

  17. gotcha!!
    u mean to say that a mother can distinguish her child from others however hard it may be...
    m I right?
    (reminds me of the end scene of duplicate:)_

  18. @Rahul
    Lets hope wat u say is true..or dere will b a serious case of baby swapping...:P

  19. Hmm.. lots of creativity required to write 55 fiction... you managed it well... :)

  20. heheheh..:) confused guy..:)

    nice one sid..will wait for more from youu..:) keep posting...

  21. @sid...i am frozenwell

    not frazen..:P moreover thats my blog..i am actually named narendra :P

  22. @Narendra
    opps...wat was i thinkking...:P sorry...

  23. =)) Hahaha that was funny.. you are an expert at such writing such funny stuff.. sorry for the late comment.. had read it earlier on sat itself :P


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