Guest Post: Battle of the Sexes Revisited Part-II : Invite to Fight

The post has been written by Guria (Maverick Misfit) as the guest blogger for the day. Thank you Guria for taking time out and honoring the request. Obviously we are not grown ups to write in history books one side of the battle, so she is here to write the feminine side of the battle to make it a fair game. You can see the first part in the series here. After this 'little' note I end my words and hand over the charge of my blog to the misfit girl.
Cheers, SiD

One post, and I get a Royal Official Invitation to write the "female" version of Battle of the Sexes Revisited, Part II, as a guest writer/blogger by none other than Sid aka Ravan. Talk about Impact! Who knew? If I did, I wouldn't have written that post, I assure you. The writing of this guest post comes with Sid's rules (he hates he wrote rules, he prefers to call them guidelines, now) that I have have to share.

Rules for the post:

1) It should be funny.

2) It should NOT make fun of one individual (not even me)

3) It should not be serious (Like brain cells, hormones etc.)

The third rule disturbs me less than the second. I can do without talking how the female hormone, estrogen is the main hormone required for the development of the male brain, but not talk about the illustrious blog owner??!! That's sheer torture!...

To be really honest, I am not much of a participant in the Battle of Sexes. See, I don't believe in it. I can play cricket better than a lot of guys (bowl faster, too), cannot play football much but will be correcting that (love that sport), about to learn how to ride bikes, can climb trees, love cars, bikes and gadgets, enjoy watching WWF (or WWE) and other sports. I mean, I grew up with a bunch of boys who took it to their heart to make me, not a guy, but one of them. They didn't think of me any less just 'cause I was a girl. Just like among them was my brother who can sew better than me (I can't sew even to save my own life) and cooks too, just to give his mother a break.

And then I found out, there were some boys whose hobbies were not limited to the ones I was already familiar with, but their's were more versatile. They were very attached to tattling about how inferior, stupid (blah! blah!) girls are.

So, these boys were the first of the new species I had met.

And lo, they were not alone. Even that species had its share of females. The girls who bite back about how uncouth, impolite (again blah, blah, blah!) boys are.
[But they are adamant about the fact, 'we do not belong to the same species, purlease!']

Being the maverick that everyone knows me to be, I observed this nouveau breed of so-called humans with an open mouth and a bewildered expression.

And what did I find?

Most of them, men and women, are usually the ones who don't have much luck with the other sex. Or, are in a relationship, for the sake of not being single! Umm, before the shoes and tomatoes start raining (yet again), let me stop.

I was surprised to see this breed, to say the least. Actually even today, most of the men (friends) I know, do not even give these things a thought. Differences between man and woman. Most men I am glad to say understand that we are bound to be different from then, otherwise what is the whole point in the sex/gender thing? I mean then straight or gay, no one cares, no one's choosy, no question of orientation. Then a guy would have thought, "Aahh! It's time to settle down! But I wonder who do I go for! A female or a male? Hmm..." I guess, the guy will be choosing according to which role he wants to play (ahem, please refer to the only biology everyone is sure to know).

But honestly, I believe it is not even the boys' or girls' fault as it is that of the society. The boys are purported to be jewels from the moment they are born, a blessing to his parents, doesn't matter if he completely turns out to be an imitation. And the girls often have heard from their childhood how they are a liability and only needed to look good and bear children. So, they bark and bite according to what they have been taught by example and nothing else.

But (yes, again but) Battle of Sexes for Sid, is only to write a provoking post, and then spar with me, among the others (sheathe those claws, it's just an expression); Battle of Sexes for the Maverick Misfit is to write a funny (hopefully) guest post on a cool blogger's pink blog. Way better than tags, when you have that blogger's block. An inexhaustible topic, and since there is no solution (one needs a problem to look for a solution), we all can keep barking, err... blogging about it to the N-th post, with still no resolution.

So, for the sake of the Battle to continue, I'll sign off with a quote by a famous author.

"...Women are judged inferior until they prove themselves, and men are judged superior until they prove what a******* they are..."

Spread the Love!!

Or is it, "Distribute the armaments and ammunitions" ???

P.S. I broke all rules, didn't I? If Battle of Sexes is what you want, my boy, it is the Battle you get. I take no orders from you! ;)


  1. I am good one CAN write...
    honestly speaking this is the best post I have ever come through since I started blogging...
    u are in biology eh??
    should try writing a book..seriously...
    TOO GOOD...

    i don't want to enter this 'battle'...
    so won't say what I feel..

  3. Now this sounds strange commenting on my own blog...but then I realized something just now...its ossum!!!

    The post is simply written...ossum!!!

  4. "...Women are judged inferior until they prove themselves, and men are judged superior until they prove what a******* they are..."

    very true .... Although i still like men's cricket over the women's one
    But china owned most of those puny wwe guys :P

  5. hey sid temme if u are able to comment now on my blog...
    if the intense debate thing is still not loading try stopping the loading of the page in between u may get the blogger's comment form...
    or can u help me?
    I am unable to get rid of this intense debate thing

  6. oh yeah yeah...the battle of sexes...and not battle by sex..LOL..forget that joke meant PJ...

    so congrats to guria for this post firstly..your post was a)funny
    b)not at the cost of any individual..
    c)had no brain cells...LOL...

    i mean sid must have thought this post is perfect...

    well i agree that boys are considered special from the moment they were the statement is loud..NOT AT ALL FUNNY(belive me its a compliment) and really really sad...ko write funny stuff...i can barely do any..after one or two @mr.humans i am blank now...i wan t someone to write it for me now.. :(

  7. "about to learn how to ride bikes, can climb trees, love cars, bikes and gadgets, enjoy watching WWF (or WWE) and other sports." lol.. wonder why we are never interested in them :P "Distribute the armaments and ammunitions" hahaha.. Sid's blog is the one that will get fired now :P good post girl!! let the battle continue!


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