Battle of the Sexes Revisted

The following article is meant for fun and is not meant to harm any particular individual. I do agree and completely understand that every woman is special and different. Please do not jump to any conclusion of any sort from this article.

People say its a man's world but a males life is a tragedy since his birth, when we are born, people ask how is the mother. When we are in our own marriage, people will ask, how is the bride. And the worst part, when we die, people ask How much did he leave for her?

I always wondered if Evana Neton had seen the apple fall, would she discover gravity? or make apple pie? Not that I mean that women can't be scientist, but I suppose back then the Apple pie would be a priority ofcourse.

In the word of Albert Einstein, 'There are something more complicated then the theory of relativity, income tax and women.' As simple as that.

Somewhere deep down inside, every woman is superfacial, isn't it? I gather this from the 14 hours run of desperate housewives.

A new recruit in the company, "She works for 8 hours, and sleeps for 8 hours." I wondered what was wrong in that, when I learned the hard reality, they were the same 8 hours.

There are six stages in every girls life. A new born baby, little girl, teenager, young woman, young woman, young woman. Time and space are just a virtual reality for them.

They come, they see and I wonder what is left after that?

Well, this world is not in order anymore.  I here could conclude one thing, HUM will never understand TUM. How much ever BUNTY tries, BUBBLY will always be a deep mystery for him.

I believe someday there won't be anything to discover.

Maybe science will find God somewhere, and then we will ask him why he created this such a mystery. But till that day, I suppose we can only shrug and ask every angel coming your ways, 'How you doin...'


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  2. I am doing fine...:))
    a nice light little serious funny post..I liked it..:p

  3. okay, if one goes to list the problems girls face ..then u'll not really get to hear the end of it :P

    just the way u find it difficult to understand the opposite sex ..even we do ..hehe

    so yeah and at the same time ..we in a way need each other :)
    its all coool!

  4. "She works for 8 hours, and sleeps for 8 hours." I wondered what was wrong in that, when I learned the hard reality, they were the same 8 hours.

    lucky girl :D

  5. "I believe someday there won't be anything to discover. "

    looking forward to that ;)

  6. very sorry for being late here..:)..the loss is all mine..

    ahhaha..for this post, being a gal, i enjoyed it to the core..i too doubt if had peeled the apple seing it falling down...:)

    I liked ur last lines...:) .they r trueee...:)

    Thanks for visiting my space and fr introducing me to ur space..will come here for more..Plz keep visiting my blog and leave ur valuable comments...Thank Youu Sid..

  7. @Rahul
    Yeah I too had over dose of seriousness...this was my test to post from zoho...succeed... now i can post from office...wu hu...:D

  8. Siddhu
    ""I always wondered if Evana Neton had seen the apple fall, would she discover gravity? or make apple pie?""
    This line made me to laugh a lot! But also understood the underlying truth! Good one

  9. Don't agree about Evana Neton.A person's bent of mind doesn't depend on their gender.If Evana Neton would've been a woman deeply interested in pondering the mysteries of the universe then she'd have done the same thing Newton did.On the other hand if she were a great home-maker or cook she would've considered making an apple pie.And hey I'm in no way underestimating the Evana Neton,the cook.I'm sure all she'd have wanted to do was please her family..something a man would've never done.

    No man would ever understand how difficult it is for a woman to survive in this big bad man's world.(Yup admit it or not it still is a man's world.)

  10. @Orange
    No doubt both need each other...and the battle of the sexes adds the spark to life!!!

  11. @Naveem
    Yeah lets pray for that day!!!

  12. @Pramoda
    Thanks girl...obviously I cannot miss a good blog like that... u will see me everytime u post...:D

  13. @Sammy
    I know...but still being in this world...sooner or later man is enslaved by a woman right??? :(

  14. @Shruti
    Thank God... you did not choose to test inertia of your sandals on me. :D

  15. Newton discovered gravity in the 17th century. I wonder what the men before him did with the apples :-/

  16. Hahaha..good to have the old funny Sid back :) I am ROTFLing here like anything.. but even we girls find guys strange.. You guys are as complicated to us girls as we are to guys :D personal experience!! But yeah we cannot generalize any gender because it varies from person to person (everything depends on the gene :P I am reading a book on genome right now ;)) )

  17. women aren't superficial...but women dun say what they feel...the often expect others to read minds ..n men often fail at that..women understands..without even u saying it..(many do) but many women r dumb too (like me :P)
    so it's basically the personality...nt being man or a woman...:):)

  18. Funny post! Thank God these days it is not necessary that man should marry woman only!!!! They have options now....

  19. @Guria
    Hey If i was born before 17th century...I wud definitely make a apple me on this one...;)

    my next two post I am just gonna praise the woman...promise.

  20. @Ashwini
    heh heh heh... agreed...there is a female side of story too... :D

  21. but women dun say what they feel
    Dat proves they are superfacial...;)

    nd no u r not dumb... u also have a blog...:D

  22. @Adesh
    Errm... yeah that is a option... but not worth trying...:D

  23. Ha! Ha! A nice, fun post, to say the least!

    However, I still do not understand why there are reams and reams of stuff written on marriage and on men and women.. how 'different' they are that is... Mars, Venus... et al.

    It is not that complicated...

    Tons of jokes on MIL, FIL, BIL, how marriage destroys the "independence" of the person who finds himself in the position of someone's hubby. Jokes on wives/girlfriends/sister-in-laws/neighbour's wife/daughter... it goes on and on and on.

    Now, MIL is "mother-in-law"... so I guess you can fill up the FIL, BIL part...

    And the target of all these jokes is the 'wife'/'woman' and her family/folks. Never the man or his family. They are mostly depicted as the "innocent victims"... mind you.

    Not a word on domestic violence, dowry deaths, harrassment... not a pip! Wonder why... ??? There seems to be a conspiracy of silence...

    P.s. Einstein is a great scientist, no doubt. However, there is a persisting story that he "helped himself" to the research done by his first wife who too was a scientist. He then divorced her and published those works... which brought him a lot of fame.

    Women make/create history... undoubtedly. However, they do not "write"/"document" it... unfortunately.

  24. Haha she would have gone for apple pie for sure, but i hate newton also-he should have eaten it-all this education crap has come from his stupid laws of gravity :P

    Hilarious as usual and some truely funny lines man!

    8 same hours and 6 stages of women's life are too good but the best is, about science creating a god. Super :D

  25. Nice post Sid!How many hours do you sleep? I think you MEN are more than a mistery to us too!and an unsolved Question may be...LOL!!


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