The Flip of destiny

The thing about destiny is, it happens, no matter what you do or what you not do… its there waiting for you, sometimes playing peek-a-boo without you even aware of it.

Is it a coincidence that you meet that someone on that some day at that some hour at that some minute after which every day minute, hour and a day turns into a single second, a phenomenon explained beautifully by Albert Einstein in the theory of relativity.

Three years ago, if you had told me, I will be making my living in Delhi, I would laugh at you,‘Yeah right, what kinda Idiot leaves the second largest IT hub in India and goes to other city for job?’ Well, now I got the answer… that's me.

Well, I don’t believe that’s a coincidence that I got the job in Delhi. It was meant to be there, it was meant for me.

Destiny, luck, instinct, hope are the things that actually make us feel safe, I mean they show us that humans are not in control of the nature…and thank God for that.

Was it destiny that Dipu visited my club just once and we saw each other? Was it destiny that me being a social retard joined the club just for a year and was actually active for only a month?

Yes, there she was just a casual girl sitting in the audience looking at the boring ceremony and there I was completely lost as too what am I doing here and not spending my day playing computer games?

I sometimes think friends, if destiny had not flipped out that summer of 2006, would my life be the way it is?

I had my own in-campus placement in Cognizant, Pune, proudly going to graduate the next year 2007, where my career would be like the sweet sugar cube. Out of school, in a job. There would be no trace of love, life or romance in between. A ambitious journey to the throne of Indra, where no one can shake you.
But none of it happened. I flunked big time in math paper (I can bear differentiation, but integration is not my cuppa tea.) lost a precious year 2007. There at the same time, my uncle Umesh Mahambre, the first follower of the blog and the reader of the first article, left me alone and emotionless down on earth. He was my guiding spirit, my inspiration. He was a journalist and it is his legacy that I am writing this blog. Those three months where my flip of destiny where I had a moment of self evaluation.

I don’t really think if I had met Dipu in any other circumstance, I would have fallen in love with her. No. Not possible, she was way different than I am. She hates computers, which is my only means of living. She actually visits the blog, once in thousands of years, reads two lines and calls me to tell its awesome.

She was way different, way way way…different, that time she was working in a lawyers and studying for Biotech, which by the way is a subject I have not seen since like 10th Standard. i hate biology, big time.

But as I said, it was a flip, it was a flip of destiny. That summer of 2006, I realized how I hated my life and how it sucked. I lost my faith in God, I lost many countless things in those three months.

But you know, amongst all the bad things happening around, like a Lotus in muddy water, I had a awakening, a lamp of light. My Diya (which bytheway I call Dipu sometimes)

She came and brought her friend along, the lady luck with her. She changed crappy year of 2006 into a very happening ending. She was sweet. Misti.

Suddenly the destiny flipped, my roadblock the math got cleared and I don’t even remember answering the paper correctly. My year ended as……awesome…… with special recognition in college and my school.

With full power boost I started my own company and decide to pursue this dream along.
But midway I realize, entering the battlefield blindfolded is not going to do any good to her, who supported me. She deserved something more. So again, I began hunting for a job. That way, my load is less and I settle down faster.

Lo and behold, as if destiny was waiting for this moment, I get this call from a company in Delhi, who offers me a job in the best technology in town, cloud computing.

Dipu is sweet, innocent, unassuming and smiling very cutely right now as I dictate this article to her on phone (because I am sure she will be lazy to read it until Ioad it on her computer in the pen drive, despite the fact that she has a internet connection)

A note from Dipu, ‘I will read from internet, but I like to hear it from you.’

So you see, its destiny. Destiny is out there, you like or hate, you cannot ignore it. She will come in your life bringing your life partner along in thousands of different ways and change your life totally and awesomely. There will be people who will disagree that such love stories exist, but trust me before Dipu, I had my share of bad lucks. When you meet that someone, somewhere down there in your heart you will come know that, yes this is the one.

That my friends, will be your flip of destiny.


  1. a very nice love story of yours..and I think this is exactly what is called "LOVE".. love is something that just happens all of a sudden, when you least expect it to happen :) a very senti senti post :)

  2. Such a sweet post! how lucky she is to have you in her life..

    I beleive in it too - call it luck, fate, providence of destiny.. it plays a strong role in our lives.

  3. Destiny is indeed powerful!!! That is how big astrologers makes money - predicting destiny.

  4. @Ashwini
    Agreed totally...yeah it happens out of the sudden...:D

  5. @Rohini
    Actually its me who is lucky amongst both of us...:D

    Keep believing dear.. it is going to make ur life!!! :D

  6. @Adesh
    I don't believe in Astrologers... yet, destiny is powerful!!! :D

  7. Well to start of luv u lot!!to write the bolg abt us.its really very touchy.makes me remind our sewwt memories.even i wld lik to share my exp,so do tell me also how to write it ok.

  8. I believe my choices guide me towards the destiny. And yes, I know the feeling of finding that ONE person. I have lived it.

  9. OMG.. Sid um bowled over.. Lucky u :)
    My love and best wishes 2 both of u..
    Refreshed aftr reading this post and once again optimistic 2 find my lady luck one day.. lol

  10. So sweet.God bless you both :)

  11. as my tagline says "every philosopher has an equal and opposite philosopher"

    i once read this "theory"... unlike many claiming us to be slaves of destiny, it said contrary... it said destiny has no choice to choose , it only has to make a do with OUR decisions

    though, dont know how true it is :P

  12. oh very true..recently one of my friends had written a post...I'd posted a comment saying pl use the word "destiny" as a scapegoat for whatever is happening in ter life...
    well here i see a perfectly different outlook to the word..
    n ya..I agree to it..if it's meant to be it'll be...
    we cn't ignore it :)

  13. @Dipu
    heh heh heh...u saw...yay wuupie!!!

  14. Hey Sid..

    its good topic to choose and u have covered most of the points of life..yeah..felt sad about when u had lost a year..and yaa ur frnd .. hehe .. one year..two lines she read heheh ..:) good lines ..

    whatever u call it, there is something for every human being to end his moment with..and we call it as destiny sometimes..luck etc ..but the truth is that we are meant to end up at some point and lets do what max we can do ..

    Thanks for the post ..

  15. @Vipul
    Good thing man.... u will find her trust happens...:D

  16. omg, so cute :)
    it must be feeling awesome look back on all these years and be glad for being there at the right time at the right place!

    destiny! i totally believe in it!
    wish u both nothing but the best
    ..and it feels great to read such feel-good, happy stories :D

  17. @Guria Dear,
    its not ur choices...those choices are already made for you...:D

  18. @Priya
    Thanks dear...:D

    Destiny is not that happens bad, its fate, destiny is what Good happens to you.

  19. @Pramoda
    Thanks Pramoda, good point you post here...:D

  20. @Orange
    Don't worry dear... I know u have ur bad me I had my bad share too...but remember destiny is working for you...:D

  21. hey i loved your post. and i totally agree with you about the destiny thing. this is a really sweet post.

  22. Yes! The hand of destiny is always at work... unobstrusively...

    Its great that you met your soul mate! :)


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