The Indian Dream

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In many countries people dream of better homes and better lives. I believe the Indian dream remains simple, a country with the unity in diversity alive. No prejudice, no fights, no terror. Every time I usually have a humorous take on Blog-a-ton, but this time I have I thought for once this has to be serious topic to write about (it can also be because the whole nation is shouting wake up S!D, but that a different story) So I am writing a poem for The Indian Dream of unity in diversity…literally. The poem titled God only knows, is written about God, religion and communal violence. If you read this poem any further, ask yourself this, can we dream a India with a true Unity in Diversity?

A literal unity of diversity… is a Indian dream I see.

I walked across the country and I found a Tamilian, a Marathi, a Bihari.
I walked across the country and I found a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian.
I walked across the country and found a Aryan origin, a Barbarian origin, A Persian origin.
I walked across the country and found a Dalit, a Brahmin and a Scheduled caste.
However walking across India, I failed to find a Indian around!!!!
God only knows.
Tune in to any television,
at any time, in any season.
You see people fight,
Without any reason or any right.

My God is better than yours, they say, 
Searching the path of the righteous way,
Allah is our savior, Christ is our lord,
Shiva rules the region, Buddha is the God.
They fight, they quarrel,
They shed blood from the bloody barrel.
Jihad some shout is the only way,
God have mercy, they often say.

If your God is great, I ask,
Why are you doing such evil task?
Troubling his own work and creation,
By your own weapons of mass destruction?
God only knows, why people behave so stupid?
To spread love, do we need any cupid?
Hatred is the work of the devil,
Envy is the tool of the evil.
What will happen at your judgment day?
What will Jesus, Allah or Shiva say?
When you reach their holy abode,
will you be able to stand, under the load?
In the end when you will die,
into the heaven will your soul fly?
Pain of the people you have hurt,
Cries of the souls you did part.
God only knows, why can't there be peace,
will there be any land without hatred disease?
God only know, when we will achieve the Indian dream?
Destroy the scum and enjoy the cream?

God only knows, when this will happen,
When I wake up and see the sun brighten...

Lets Pray to God one day this dream will be true. Hope you enjoyed the serious post for a change.This poem was written by me last year when I saw the Delhi Bomb Blasts on 13th September.
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  1. A catchy poem. For some reason it reminded me of a rap -- I read it like if it were a rap song. The rhythm and the rhyme is very catchy..


  2. @Madhu
    hi welcome 2 sidoscope....

    yeah... i actually did not write it in a rhythm...:D
    but it can b a rap!!!

  3. Wow... nice song.. like madhu mentioned, it kinda looked like a rap song. Marching towards the Indian dream with a rap song!!! Good one.. Al the best

  4. good poem... thought provoking .. mirror to the society ... :)
    after reading the comment ..
    i re-read the poem in a rap style ..would make a good rap song :D

  5. its more a march song!!like kadam kadam badhaye jaa....but i still like the first poem better...thanks for this post...

  6. Too good sid :) for the first time saw a serious side of you! one serious post from you.. and a very meaningful one !!

  7. A great verse. Liked the feel and the thoughts. Unity in diversity is the best thing to dream of.
    God only knows, when this will happen,
    When I wake up and see the sun brighten...

    The point is to work towards that brighter sun yourself :)

  8. @RajLaxmi can consider it a remix generation!!! :D

  9. @Naveen
    Actually now that u mention it...i re-read the whole poem as a rap song...nice!!!

  10. @Frozenwell...
    Well...welcome to Sidoscope...hope 2 c u more...

    and good that u liked one poem...:D

  11. @Frozenwell...
    Well...welcome to Sidoscope...hope 2 c u more...

    and good that u liked one poem...:D

  12. @Ashwini
    Thanks...and i really hope this lands only one day...:D

  13. @Guria
    Yeah... I know...and we all need to work towards the brighter future!!!

  14. @Pooja
    Lucky me...ppl like this rap song...:D

  15. One more poem Good to see Sid has woken up or what? In the movie "Yeh Mera India" the opening shots had same thought that we have so much fight and bloodshed here yet this country is running and progressing ....How ? God not only knows but actually runs this country I guess... not your God or mine but our God....

  16. well written poem, and yes very true

  17. I definitely will pray that what you wrote in the poem doesnt come true.

  18. hey pal nice to know ur serious side :-). good one pal.

  19. Even though you wanted to make it serious, I found the first part extremely funny!
    I couldn't find an Indian around is sure catchy!

    Good post.
    Well written and executed!


  20. If you wanna see change, become the change.
    I see this proverb in action here in this post. But, one thing would never change, I still like your post.

  21. You have diversified your talents!! A Poetry now!!
    Good one, Sid! :)

  22. Sid, the prankster became serious!
    That's a news to the world!
    ""God only know, when we will achieve the Indian dream?
    Destroy the scum and enjoy the cream?""
    Loved these lines! Only he knows! Nice write up!

  23. I am confused now...
    Who is better: Sid the humorous or Sid the serious...
    I mean how can a man has two completely different personalities?

  24. now the poem...
    I really liked some of the lines..
    like.. To spread love, do we need any cupid? ...
    too true....we are ourselves self sufficient..

  25. Sid wakes up at last :p
    U can't resist a humorous punch line in a serious post too :)
    Nice poems buddy and an apt thought. nice 2 see the serious side of u :)
    As for the second poem... Amen!

  26. @Dmanji
    We all r humans...and we cannot take the humanity out of the society...somehow good things do happen.
    Lets dream of United States of India...soon.

  27. @Venky... is happening nowadays...:-o don't u c ooutside???

  28. @Pawan
    Humour is in my blood man...can't change until I uundergo blood transfiguration!!!!

  29. definitely not in my place :)

  30. @Prathamesh
    What would not change?? Thanks..

  31. @Shilpa
    Good that you like it...:D


  32. @Shruti
    heh heh... i hope this seriousness last only for the day...:D

  33. @Rahul
    "I mean how can a man has two completely different personalities?"
    Remember Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde??? :p

    good that u love my poem... we all r self-sufficient enough to love...:D

  34. @Vipul
    Thanks... you can remove the cartoons...not the cartoonist man...:D


  35. well paradox that u pray to the gods after all that we do in his

  36. @Vekny
    Its where we miss India...:D if you aren't Indian then its ok. But its happening in India.

    I believe...finally God has to come out and show himself right... to stop all this.

  37. Wow good to c ur serious side Sid :)
    I like ....

    loved the poem n the rhyme
    hope to hear the sounds of chime
    A moment wid the cake n cream
    I wish the success of Indian Dream :P

    lol ... jus wanted to add humor in ur serious post ... thus the lines :P...hahaha
    take care :)
    hope u win the blog a ton thngy ... loved the post really :)

  38. well now this is news to me.......Sid as a poet!
    but it was indeed a touching poet coming out from a true heart .......of course i guess seeing the blast with ones own eyes must have left an unhealing scar.

  39. @Suga
    Hey thanks... and thanks for the vote for me...:D

  40. @Pankaja
    Yeah....those scars will never heal...good that you liked the poem...:D

  41. Nice poem can write very serious stuff nicely as well.I actually got confused by the sentence 'The title of the poem god only knows'.But realised that 'God only Knows' is the title of the poem.So there for a bit of second I thought that you are writing a funny post!

  42. good one Sid. Very honest and sincere. :)

    I enjoyed reading it, inspite of it being a serious post. :)

    all the best for blogaton

  43. @Pra
    heh heh will take ppl to take to digest my serious post...:D

  44. @Rohini
    'inspite' of it being a serious post...

    :-o u don't enjoy serious post??? :-o

  45. You made me think again. It is only in India we dream simple things :)

  46. Thats sid, bringing out different flavours in the same post!! I like the poem :)

  47. @Sojo
    Lets achieve simple things first...den we can dream big...;)

  48. @Adi
    thanks to you buddy...for reading it...:D

  49. arey baba its nt possible for me to vote for u .... m nt a part of blog a ton thngy :)

  50. @Suga..
    ok pray for me den...nd join us next month...:D

  51. I'm not a poetry fan..but read yours.. something led me to read & am I glad :)
    But yes a serious post with well suited pictures !

  52. You have a fantastic sense of humour! Nice poem with nice rhymes...

  53. Hey..Sid, its you who will wake others..excellent one


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