Lady of the light.

They were surprised to see my poem or a rap song. I was surprised that so many people liked the poem. With a lot of confidence then I am posting another poem just for you there. This poem is inspired by one girl who came in my life and changed me. She became my lady of the light and guided me from the lazy slumber. It is a tribute to all the women out there… including you.
If you are a girl reading this, continue spreading the light. If you are a guy, don’t stop looking for your lady of the light.
-Love Sid

From the childhood I was told,
There is no angel they would scold, 
Come out of fantasy they did shout,
pro6I believed them without any doubt.
I disliked arts, so I learnt science,
They taught me about rains, they told me about lions,
But where is an angel they would never say,
So I decided to find it in my own way.
I climbed the tallest mountains,
I plunged into the deepest fountains.
I scanned the valleys deep,
I searched for days without any sleep.
All my search went in vain,
I hung my head all in shame.2007062461130301
I sat there gloomy on a stone,
Thinking of my plight..alone.
Then I saw her, the lady of the light,
She was elegant, she was bright.
White as snow, soft as rose,
She looked at me my eyes froze.
I gazed at the beauty divine,
Her hair waved with the air in perfect rhyme,
I pondered looking in those hazel eyes,
WorkingWomen Did the same God create her who created mine?
I now knew that all were wrong, I was right,
She was an angel, the lady of the light.
I finally found her, the princess of divine beauty,
On her even Venus would envy this sweetie....
I conclude this poem on a final word,
Angels do exist in this sinful world.
They are always there beyond your sight,
To see them you must possess the eyes right!!!

P.s. I hope you like this.


  1. U mentioned that rap poem in the start n i read this poem while listening to "voices" by rev theory ... eventually this one sounded to me like a rock song :D ... the idea n the material are both really nice ...This would make a pretty good "theory of a deadman" song.. keep up the good work :)

  2. @Naveen
    Wow..,.now its a rock song... i am making progress.... wuu huu....

    Wats 'Theory of deadman'? :-o I thought this was a soft poem for woman.

  3. P.s. I hope you like this.???????????

    i LOVE THIS! <3

  4. Excellent one. I am not an avid reader of poems but I liked this a lot. Great work.

  5. Nah, it's not just rock, it would make a great progressive rock song. :D
    But honestly, it's a beautiful thought (don't know who will agree but still) and the verse is captivating!
    But don't do too much of this, huh, people gonna be gaping as to where did the comedian vanish to? lol... :))

  6. Wow! That was very nice. God bless you :)

  7. @Pooja
    Gee... thanks Pooja...that was some expression...:D :)

  8. @Bharathi
    Mee too not a avid poet but this just for a change!!!

  9. @Guria
    Comedian has not vanishes...just a new topic to write for a change...:D

  10. "thory of a deadman" is a rock band ..good one check it out.

    the little note in the start got me thinking what does this poem sound like.

  11. Hey that was awesome.. did you show this poem to your miss? she would have got flattered! I liked your poetry too.. Do write poems once in a while along with comedy :)

  12. @Naveen
    Ok...will check out theory...:D

    Heh heh heh... Th note is there to inform...

  13. @Ashwini
    Yeah sure.. you will see more poems now...:D

    And yes, I wrote it for her...she has seen it...:D

    in d days I used to write on a notebook. :D

  14. this poem made my heartstrings to dance and I started synthesizing gloomy thoughts of despair but still I am not discouraged and won't perish in this harsh world until I discover my lady of the light....
    note that I don't use find because I know my lady you are somewhere near and are waiting to be discovered by me...

  15. luv u always! keep going n keep lighting our diya

  16. there is an award waiting for u at my blog :)

  17. @Dipu Babes
    Finally...u see my blog...wuu huu...:D obviously our diya never extinguishes!!!! :D :x

  18. @Naveen
    Thanks buddy... will collect it soon...:D


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