The sound of noise

Ever listened to the sound of noise in a quiet room? Neighter did I, cos the noise is there. Its there all the while, the fan, the keyboard, the TV anything, everything. 

The thing about noise is, you know its irritating, yet you know its inevitable. Noise takes many forms, like the ticky ticky sound of keyboard as I write the article or the sudden 'special' dialer tone which was made to please the caller, that is me, but turns out to be the next worst thing in my hate list, just below Himesh Reshamiya(its not about the music, dude, its about the singing).

There are some bitter truths in life, like you will fart in close public vicinity just when there is absolute silence and you are the center of attraction.
Its not the smell, mind you, because if its smell you get the benifit of doubt, but its the noise. The horrible, horrible noise. The noise will make people turn at you in disgust, while you shamelessly say, 'Peanuts!!'

Then there is also a prophecy that the television you turn on suddenly shouts loudly whenever you are in a hospital, school or a temple. It happens right there,

You are in the hospital, waiting for the friend to get some rest. There is a cute private TV in the private room. Now, obviously you have nothing else to do, so you casually turn it on. Turns out the lion is roaring on the discovery channel in the loudest possible voice making your friend, the neighborhood rooms patients curious wife, the floor nurse, the child playing outside peep in and give you a look of disgust.
Its the noise, not me.

Some noise are pleasant, like the doorbell. They inform you someone at the door, but as with modernization, the doorbell has undergone a Darwinian evolution.
Like earlier the horrible gong of Shaolin temple, is now replaced with pleasant music but the worst part is, the visitor has no clue weather the bell rang or no.
So here I was at the friends penthouse and knocked twice on the door, no answer. Fine I press the door bell (not to mention I had to look for the door bell in all those Fen sui, vastu shastra idols on the door), the button pressed but gave me no acknowledgment

Hey maybe the bell didn't ring at all, so you press again and suddenly the honourable owner comes tying his lungi and shouts, 'We are not deaf, why are you ringing it repeatedly'

Awkward moment.

Another marvel of modern India, the dialer tone. Well, thats not noise, its b-e-a-utiful, but noise comes when you hear this,
'To apply this song as your ringback tone. Press *. Monthly 30 rs and song selection 15Rs. Only so-so customers'

Now there is also no problem with message, but the message comes when you are really into the song and the message comes. Now the worst part, by the time the message is over, the phone is received and your chances of hearing the songs minimize like zero.

Some noise are spooky and come at the oddest hour, when you suddenly see shadows in your room. Fearing they are the Nazul who have come to take away the ruling ring from you, you switch on the light and guess what, the noises stop. Just like that.

Spooky eh? Then there are the noises which you know where from but still are creepy, like an SMS late in mid night, just when you are fighting the Darth Vader in your dreams. The noise not only breaks your winning fight, but also makes your head goes bazzzooo.

Then there are noises which you get used to, like the keyboard typing, or the railways passing (if you live next door), even the hymm of an AC, cooler becomes your habit.

Noises are actually now a part of life. No wonder people go crazy when asked to sit silent. Now I silently finish off this noisy article and get drowned in the noises of the surroundings.

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  1. i logged in .. n i was like whatever happened to Sidoscope?"

    back to the topic ... been there done that :P
    i am mostly a peace loving creature but one noise i particularly hate is of royal enfied bike in the morning ...

  2. Hahaha.. yeah.. the most irritating noise for me is when I sleep after a really tiresome day and when I am deep in sleep, my cell phone rings..I feel like smashing it to pieces but then realize how costly it is :D
    waiting for this "the ultimate guide to relationships" :)

  3. So nicely written sid. I absolutely enjoyed reading it.. Every sentence made me say "me too". yup. honest.

    Wonderful read. thanks for posting! I had a good laugh. It is very heartening to know that such awkward embarassing sounds and experiences related to them are not limited to me. :D

    I am a happy soul :P

  4. very nice post. I myself experiecned the doorbel thing.

  5. @naveen
    Wat happened to sidoscope?? :o

    oh yes...and image the bikers gang running in background when you are on a date!!!

  6. @Ashwini
    You can gift it to me...:P

  7. @Rohini
    You are not alone...:D cheers...

  8. Very true.
    Be it the doorbell thing or the blaring TV in a place where it needs to be mute, it has happened with me on more than one occasion.

    Enjoyed my visit to your humor blog. Would love to drop by often.


  9. haha, i liked it!

    and yeah ..the TV thing always happens with me!
    how very embarrassing :|

  10. hey sid,

    noise is an obvious one in everyone's it the mobile, tv, etc etc...

    but as u mentioned the examples like tv, door bell etc, they make us happy at times and they even do make us worry at some particular instincts..:)..

    lets have a nice time with noise...:)

  11. Its not the smell, mind you, because if its smell you get the benefit of doubt, but its the noise...

  12. @Orange
    Its not you my dear... its the noise...:D

  13. @Chatterbox
    Welcome to Sid-O-Scope. Yeah, that is the sound of noise. It happens.

  14. @Pramoda
    Lets create noise together. :D

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  16. Haha. That was good. I just hate it when phone rings. I prefer my phone on silent mode. But then what to do for landline. And all the machines and instruments in office and plant, I sometimes feel they'll make me deaf. But can't escape them . I hope there was an option just like 'silent mode' of my mobile :D

  17. @Rahul

    Try hitting landline wid hammer


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