Wrapping it all up!!!

If you see people rolling on the ground on a busy street or grappling on tackling objects of different size, you should not misunderstand them. They are only innocent people like me trying to open the wrapper of the product.

"The primary effect of Kalyuga, my dear Arjun is that, thou shalt spend a lot of time opening the wrappers of mint, toffees and chips" I just wonder if Lord Krishna actually did ever say those words. Even if he did not say, we all are feeling it around us.

Well sometimes I feel that the government should levy a new punishment to all those packing companies spoiling the junta, they should be thrown in jail and make them listen to ‘Mann ka radio’ continuously for 3 months continuously while making them open thousands of wrappers for the benefit of mankind in general.

I have so many ideas, I could be the PM, if Mayavati can, so can I, can’t I? 
To keep the nations economy intact and the to enjoy the AC, once in a while I go with Dipu to malls and buy perfectly useless things that she doesn't need and buy two mint tabs for myself (you get them into all malls).

Having poured my hard earned rupee into the Indian economy and feeling proud of myself, I set up to find a place for me to rest (I suggest they should keep a men’s resting chair after every four section, see I am so intelligent, but no one listens to me) So I find a place to rest and chew up my mint, there begins the biggest trouble of all!!!
It was the titanic of troubles. It was a train wreck during an earthquake with a meteor heading towards it. I fell out of suck tree and hit every branch on the way down. It was sand in swimsuit trouble… the wrapper of my mint was sneering at me.

Slowly and carefully I bit the corner of the mint wrapper and a small piece of it comes off in my mouth. I blow this piece from my mouth, with great pride and proceed to open the remaining part of the damm wrapper with my teeth, when suddenly the wrapper starts elongating, oh my… it grows and grows… somebody stop it!!!
Mouthing 'Jai Bajarang Bali' (In God we trust, specially in dark age and this is definitely dark aged) I decide to shift the action from mouth to hand, I use the nail of my right hand thumb to pierce through its contents (and Dipu was shouting, I should cut my finger nails, they are so handy. I usually stay prepared in case there is alien invasion).

Missing my target through a nanometer (precision) the nail pierce into my other finger which was supporting the wrapper.

The command mard ko dard nahi hota (Men don’t feel pain) by the mahanayak Amithabh Bacchan echo in my ears and I tried hard to appear cool and unperturbed to passers-by while keeping my determination…. and straight face. (ouch!!!! that hurts a lot, now I think I should have cut those long finger nails)

If you see people rolling on the ground on a busy street or grappling on tackling objects of different size, you should not misunderstand them. They are only trying to open the wrapper of the product.

Now that I think of it, I feel we should invent monster for us to help us open the wrappers of paper. I have even made it a top entry in my Thing-to-tell-if-I-meet-Mr-Frankenstein-list, let us hope he listens to me and gets me my own monster which can open the wrapper for me.

Now, if I could avoid opening an wrapper then life would be so easier isn't it? But hell no, just as the 10 commandments are outrageously difficult to understand, lest alone follow, all the good things in life, right from potato chips, bubble gum to even a pack of con*** comes wrapped in a plastic packet.

Ideally, when God created this verse, he decided to wrap everything up in a plastic container, so that we spend as much time fumbling over it that the craving for the item is lost by the time we open it. True story.

Isn't it nice that a blog doesn't come in plastic wrap and you can spend more time actually utilizing it, rather than opening the wrapper. eh? I hope the comments don't come wrapped up as well!!!


  1. The plastic wrappers can be a real irritation especially when you are in a hurry and don't have any tools(not even grown nails) at hand.

    It took me a while to master the art of opening up potato chips or Kurkure packs,but the things wrapped in those thin plastic wraps like mint are too much for me.I prefer spending time looking for scissors than trying it barehanded on most occasions.

    I enjoyed my read through your funny post. Nice work Sid just like always :)


  2. I have lost my share of candy trying to open the damn wrapper :( .... take it from me .... u dont want to mess with a man who just lost his candy
    ~x( b-(

  3. :)) cool article sid!! though i can open wrappers quite easily.
    and sure you also can be a PM, better than Maya'the-statue'wati..

  4. hey sid..

    yeah no wraped up comment frm me..

    i was in all smiles while reading the middlle line especiallyyy ...haha..what an innovative thought ..well, hope for the best ..

    and yaar, u dont know how many times i tried to post a comment fr ur previous one abt noise.. the browser was getting closed by itself just before posting..i dont knw what happend .. any way the following is in brief what i wanted to tellu ..

    "Noise is an obvious one..we cant avoid any of it ..

    and abt the examples given by u. like door bells, mobiles, tv, they keep us happy at times and some times their noiss make us very frustrated .. no ?"

    ok .. this is it ..

    Take care ..

  5. @Chatterbox
    Yeah but no scissors in malls na...:( but good to see a trained person to open wrappers!!! :D

  6. @Naveen
    huh.. touched a nerve there i see...:D

  7. @Neha
    Aaila u commented... u said u r lazing around!!!

  8. @Shilpa
    Thanks for the motivation!!!

  9. @Pramoda
    Oh... that is bad.... i really don't know why that happened...will b checking into it...

    thanks for no wrapped comments...:D

  10. and I thought only I had problems with opening wrappers....

  11. =)) I always have a scissor handy and now I have my Swiss knife with me :D so I can open anything, anywhere :)

  12. @Rahul
    No man, trouble troubles no single person...;)

  13. @Ashwini
    Oh...I hope swiss knife is used for only good purposes...:D

  14. @Shilpa
    It was a common spear mint... no advertising here...;)

  15. I agree it is difficult at times to cope up with wrappers.

  16. @Adesh
    All the times....its difficult!!!!

  17. Hi Sid,
    Visit my profile :)
    Something is waiting for you!

  18. "If you see people rolling on the ground on a busy street or grappling on tackling objects of different size, you should not misunderstand them. They are only innocent people like me trying to open the wrapper of the product."

    =)) =)) =))

  19. Haha hilarious as usual :)) . Have you ever noticed that those wrappers can be easily opened at the wrong side? For example if you take a chips packet, try opening it from the bottom. You will tear it far more easily. Don't know the science behind this though :P

  20. Wow...nice work....!!!

    I loved the way u started the post....!!Yeah wrappers really cause nuisance many a times..... when they r to b opened n then when disposing them..Like ppl dont care abt throwing the wrappers in dustbins n so they just keep littering around..thats also a problem...!!

  21. @Urvashi
    Oooh ya... dis actually proves wrapper paper are messenger from hell!!!

    they are spoiling our country too...:(


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