10 Definite signs to let you know you are in Love

Shahrukh Khan tried his level best to explain the world about love, but come what you may say, for some reason sitting in a cold night watching a falling meteor does not indicate you are in Love, it indicates you are going to fall sick the next day.

I was always a loner in my life, my friends even called me a robot for my lack of emotions and coldblooded selfish nature, but then I do not know how it happened, all of the sudden I felt something strange, and no not the ‘Kuch kuch hota hai’ things, for that you obviously have ENO, no something else, my scheduled changed exponentially, she had nothing to do with the change, it was natural.

Gravity suddenly goes on vacation when people are falling in Love.

So now presenting for the first time ever, the 10 definite signs to let you know you are in Love.

  1. You suddenly find yourself spending the Sundays in an Ice cream parlor or a mall.
  2. You have no clue what you did in the mall the whole weekend, when you buy nothing, yet you feel good about it.
  3. Your speed dial number ‘2’ has changed and the previous person on speed dial number ‘2’ has dropped your top-ten rank by one (I could not configure speed dial number ‘1’ on my Nokia, can you?)
  4. The key number ‘2’ on your phone is suddenly shaky for being pressed two often, so is the speaker of your phone red hot and your ear also hot for being called a same number again and again.
  5. You really cannot understand how your phone bill increased so much, when you are calling only one person most of the time, and no matter what you talk your conversations always end with ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’.
  6. All of the sudden your Mom questions about your whereabouts and you tend to give wrong information, although you know that you have not done anything wrong.
  7. Your friends start complaining that you are no where to be seen, however you completely know that you are definitely around.
  8. You are solving some completely different problem during the Calculus class, and somehow even simple algebra seems hard that time.
  9. You suddenly try to be Mr. Perfect with first name ‘Know-it-all’ Perfect.
  10. You are sitting idle for hours, you have no plans for even getting out of the bed for the next whole day, yet you smell yourself and decide that you are not smelling good and go and take a bath.
These signs may vary from individual to individual but if you are inhibiting most of the above signs, you are surely bitten by the love bug, if you find these signs in your life consider change is inevitable.

Embrace the change, you may not want to marry in your life, want to practice celibacy, wish to have a live-in, are a gay but for once, try falling in love with someone, try caring for someone else other than you, and yes, try to fall in love, true love, only once.

Its ossum, true story.


  1. @Neha
    wow.. that was fast...tx.

  2. Nice read. You summed it up very well... in the last para.

    I have 'been there, done that'. Love IS the most beautiful and wonderful... of all emotions.

  3. Very true ;)) just like the feeling of falling in love is.

  4. the ice cream parlour? seriosuly? haha

  5. Very sweet post Sid :) loved the post! Agree with you

  6. awwwwwesome n ideal(especially fr guys).
    9. is d bst one...:P

  7. LOL @ the SRK thing!

    good one! esp 'You are solving some completely different problem during the Calculus class, and somehow even simple algebra seems hard that time'
    cute :P

  8. Comprehensive list ;) I agree :))

  9. Its the most beautiful feeling in this world :)

  10. haha.. i agree with most of them :D

  11. wow...nice one......simple n wonderful..good for self help :p

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. OMG!!! Somebody is been bitten by the love bug!! Congrats.. You've grown up sid!!

  14. @Raji
    ;)) U can say that...:D really i have grown up???:O \m/

  15. @Ekam...:D
    U have also felt it...:D

  16. @Dmanji
    I always there 2 help friends...;)

  17. @Shilpa
    Tu bhi... u will also fall in love one day...:D

  18. @Pooja
    I know u will agree...;) :P

  19. @Prathamesh

    I have send her...let her get time.

  20. @ Sid: I hope so.. Telling the world that you are in love is the best feeling ever!!:P:D

  21. @Rimz...
    :D *Blush* <- This also will b one of the sign...:O me blushing!!!

  22. @Ashwini
    :D Wuupie... u also feel it???

  23. @Roshmi
    Yeah... i can c u beaming...:D

  24. @Raji
    yeah... u have 2 feel it in ur blood....:D 2 show d world!!!

  25. Sid the kid is no more! But some guy who is smitten by cupid has come all the way to explain how stinky he is!!
    Awesome as always!!

  26. @Shruti
    Welcome back... i knew u wud return...:P

  27. that makes makes if official ....

    am NOT in love :P ...

    i can still be found ;)

  28. @Shruti
    Everyone gets bored of facebook, some time or the other...:D

  29. @Naveen
    tera number ayega...:D

  30. interesting...are u in love right now?

  31. erm... i think so... y wud i go and take a bath at 12 at night?? :o

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  33. the last para was beautiful...:)


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