Einstein: Chapter one

They say death brings with it all the memories of the past. Professor Vidyadhar Prajapati suddenly found this true as he clutched his chest trying to bear the unbearable pain. He wondered what his age should be at the precise moment and to his horror he realized the mistake he had done. His age was a mathematical infinity, a figure that cannot be calculated.

Gaping for breath he collapsed on the ground, ‘Help me,’ he said in a feeble voice barely heard.

He felt his breath passing away from him. People gathered to observe what had happened.

‘There is a physician just round the corner,’ someone shouted.
‘I need a CPR,’ he thought but then understood his plight. This world knew no CPR. ‘He is a devil worshipper,’ someone said, ‘He needs no mercy.’
‘I am sorry, God,’ he thought looking at the sky folding his hands, ‘please give me some more time to rectify the mistake I made.’

As an answer a thunderous lightning struck into the darkened sky, the people around him dispersed and went to their home. Small pellets of fresh water started pouring down from the clouds above. The pure amrut from the heavens cooled his body. He felt his breath passing away, and the mathematical brain started finding the solution to the almost impossible problem.

He had just less than a minute to make impossible the possible.

He gazed at the small palm tree standing firm in his front and smiled, ‘You are great, God,’ He had one last thing to do.


Chapter One 


The evening sun cast its golden rays on the future software park, Pune. The software professionals hurried home to snuggle up in the beds with their partners.

They were too engrossed to notice the 20 something sole cyclist riding on the street. The rider was famous amongst the software circle as Dosa delivery boy.

He was often seen delivering Dosa on his working scooter keeping the Dosa Planet’s thirty minute guarantee. They all knew him as ‘the Dosa boy’, but hardly knew his real name was Vikrant Malik.

They pitied his working shift and the fact that they earned ten times of what he received, but working only half as much as he did.

Little did they know that the Dosa boy had an IQ of 240 and most of the time he was the cause for their overtime. Even thought Vikrant Malik was a simpleton he had a dark side not known to any, in the murky cyber underground he was Vikraal, the best cyber hacker of the century.

Each of the past centuries was dominated by some technology. The 18th century was the era of great mechanical system accompanying the industrial revolution. The 19th century was the age of the steam engine. In the 20th century the key technology is information systems. Information was available widely and cheaply over the World Wide Web. The dot com burst affected one and all. More and more companies started shifting to the futuristic technology, web. The web grew to a much larger extent that anyone could expect.

As the companies shifted, so did the criminals.

They formed an intelligent new generation of criminals, called hackers. The cyber underground increased exponentially and soon every nook and corner of the web was affected with them. Not all hackers were bad, but all of them were criminals.

Entering into a computer without its owner’s permission was termed as hacking. People who manage to accomplish this task were called the hackers. The people who entered into the machine to cause mayhem and trouble were called crackers.

Vikraal was the God amongst crackers and a cult icon of the cyber underground. Like most viral writers he chose the grossest name in the cyber underground.

Vikraal meant large, strong and heavy in Sanskrit. It suited him the perfectly as a short form of Vikrant and also showed his dominance in the digital world. Even the cyber underground feared his digital signatures. Half of the software industry were fed up with the virus writer Vikraal and had issued a public notice for his whereabouts.

No one knew, for no one was close to him. He was omniscient and omnipresent, yet he was nowhere. All the software hitting the market was cracked by Vikraal.

The software worth ten thousands was made available for free by Vikraal. Vikraal liked his work, in the day time he worked for the Dosa Planet; a small hotel specialized in south Indian delicacies, especially Dosa.

He had a working scooter with a big carrier in its back, where he hid his lap top. He took clients as close to software park as possible. He watched, he waited and he weighed his profit.

He was the high tech peeping tom in the world of software. Despite their big security measures Vikraal had eyes into each and every software company.

Gazing at the hurrying person into the software firm, Vikraal smiled. The person was hurrying to cover-up a recent hack into the main frame of their company’s computer system, caused by Vikraal.

Having random thoughts Vikraal reached his apartment. It was not a celebrated place; the small apartment was not far from the software park and his workplace. He did not care for normal luxuries of life, but the four walls kept him safe from external intrusion, gave him the maximum privacy he needed, and kept him warm. He had designed the interior himself, spending some part of his vast fortune earned by illegal means. It was a one-bedroom kitchen room, where the bedroom was converted into his work room, the living room into the bedroom. Waiting for the computer to warm up, he glanced around his room.

It was not an ideal place to live in, but he hardly cared for luxuries. A large part of his work room was taken by a train of computer monitors neatly placed on a large table. The book shelf resting next to the table was half full. Books that were supposed to be on the shelf were lying face down on the table.

To add to the mess, a bunch of tangled coaxial cables were spread across the room in different corners. His laundry clothes were lying on the router. ‘All this room needs is some cleanliness,’ he thought making a mental note to do this on the weekend. He walked across his notice-board to see the pin-ups for the evening. ‘GRB AES 128’ Smiling at his work tonight, he sat on his terminal. Today was the d-day, months of planning and executing viruses at different levels he had managed to enter the main frame of ISRO research facility. Now only one layer left, the AES 128 bit encrypted password firewall. ‘Rock and roll,’ he thought, turning on his lock breaker program.


  1. Wow ! interesting story......cant wait to know what happenned next.

  2. @Pankaja
    Hey welcome back...tx... its a part of my new novel!!

  3. @Niveditha
    U also welcome back!!!

  4. I m also back after around 24 hours..:P

    don't leave me curious for a long time, or i will be the worst virus cum pest ok...

    n new novel? darn, i wanna write one too...waiting for ur novel as well :D

  5. interesting :-)...what's next?

  6. @Neha
    :) let the comments flow in yaar...let others also read it. I wil definitely post next two chapters within 24 hrs...

    get me a publisher someone!!! :(

  7. Have u seen a show called vikraal aur gabraal ?? ..... any ways a nice write up ..... 240 IQ that must be something :D

  8. That's very interesting.
    Wow! you're looking for a publisher already :)

    Good luck with your novel and I'll be back in 24 hours to get hold of the following parts :D


  9. Tooooo good sid.. really loved it :) and a story of a hacker (err cracker) is refreshing, after seeing the same old love stories everywhere :D waiting to read the next part. Narration was brilliant :)

  10. @Chatterbox

    yeah... if u know one...tell him one author is already ready...:D

  11. @Ashwini
    Yeah, even I hate love stories. This story is definitely going to change your perception to crime, criminal and patriotism!!! :)

  12. Interesting :) liked the idea of selling dosa to observe software engineers and their work :P


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