Gandhi: A poem

I am not a Gandhi lover but I still am not that big enough to judge weather he was Mahatma or no. If you are a Gandhi Lover, then you should read it till the end, if you are not still you can read it. This poem is written as a tribute to Satyagraha... on September 11/9/2007. A note, to save the world, go through this post.

Once upon a time in a land far far away,
Walked a sage inspiring many on the way,

He held the power of the might,
For he spoke the truth and was always right.

He was slim, he was weak,
He was short, he was sick,

But he crushed the whole empire,
He had only one desire.

He wanted to build a strong nation,
A nation of purity and co-operation,

He wanted the people to fight,
if forced, for their right.

He carried no guns, no swords,
His only weapon were the true words.

He forced truth into the minds of people,
he shed down his own clothes for the weaker.

He was termed Mahatma by the people,
Blessed were they, by the noble speaker.

He taught them power of non-violence, the path of truth,
Blessed were they and hoped for right fruit.

But today his followers are his enemy,
his policies are thrown to dust by his family,

His own adversary was the day.
When his own friends shooed him away.

They stowed his principles in the dust,
His virtues are going to rust,

He won a big battle lost,
but for that his life did he cost.

If non-violence did he teach,
why did the principle did not reach?

Violence is still used by his disciples,
Lies still are told by his peoples.

Mockery happened when his assassin was hanged,
‘Vande Mataram’ did the person who killed the mahatma sang,

If reading these lines you feel the anger boil,
Let me see if you have the power inside,

If cursing me is what you must do,
Then stop following him, this is a cue.

People who term themselves his followers must understand,
do not be his false follower as they pretend.

Understand what he said for your own good,
He would stay awake for you, without food.

I am nobody compared to the divine creation,
For I am just a person, he a father of the nation, my nation.

This does not end here. Poem on Nathuram Gods, schedule in 3 days. Keep following.


  1. I am not a believer of Gandhiji's principles, but I don't mind reading a nice poem too...this was a good piece of poetry..:))

  2. @Neha
    Cool... something tells me, we are gonna be real good friends. :D

    Cos u also r also not a fan of Gandhi and a first commenter to my post!!!

  3. Fan or no fan.. am not sure..

    But one thing I can say for sure is that you have a way with words and this poem has been beautifully written..


  4. @Dev
    Thanks man... i write somethings that comes to my mind. Thanks for loving it. :D

  5. Ummmm,... I read your poem. Though I am no fan of this man. Well, I too rhymed it! ;)

    He was a 'means to an end'... through which the 'Imperial powers' were able to impose this shameful and distorted theory of "non violence" on us and their other colonies.

    Can you tell me why Vikramaditya has been reduced to only 'Vikram and Betal'... and this man elevated to that of a 'saint'... ???

    Or even why Bengal was divided... and the 'leadership' of the Congress party conveniently given to 'him' and his favourites. While inconvenient folks e.g., Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ashutosh Mukherjee, etc... conveniently met their maker while in England, where they had gone to meet certain people along with a list of demands. These people were not keen or happy with those demands, btw.

    How did a momentous decision such as partition, (how and when it was to be done and the transfer of 'power'... etc) were taken in a mere 4-5 months... ???

    Or for that matter why our books... especially our history books are written by foreigners... ???

  6. @Roshmi
    Question are many...dear, if you follow me on twitter or facebook, i post some of them regularly.
    As I said, I have no intentions of judging Gandhi as mahatma or no, I do have a problem with the people using Brand Gandhi to sell our country.

    I am pretty sure, they will have to answer this soon.
    Btw. Do check the next poem on Gandhi assassination.

  7. @Roshmi
    Well and if we are talking about pre-independence, I definitely would like to hear, how Bhagat Singh 'conveniently' was hanged secretly, when a release order was already released and was submited to Mahatma Gandhi for approval.

    Or why the two-nation theory proposed by Veer Savarkar was disfigured, dismantled and a man worshiping non-violence the whole life became the reason for the most brutal violent incident in the history of two nations causing deaths of millions.

    Well, they are good at what they do, politics, unfortunately they are selling us out to perform their dark deeds.

  8. I am neither a believer not against his principles (because I dont know the truth).. But liked this piece of poetry from you :) good one sid! :)

  9. I agree with everyone who've shared their views so far.
    No matter we adore Gandhi ji or not, what he did for India is something to be adored for sure. As a famous saying goes, "Do not reject a great idea just because you don't like the source."

    You've written wonderful poem Sid.

    Keep up the good work.


  10. I liked it...I admire many of his principles well in today's world..i dun or can't say that I am completely successful n following it..but yah upto some extent I am able to...


  11. i dont lyk him..
    the day i got this man in syllabus of mine( it was frm class 3rd)..i started hating him :P..

    though...the poem was nice :)

  12. I dont know...i came here befr or not..but must say...nice blog..n specially the template :) n header.

  13. @Ams
    he he he...chalo lets fugget the past...and i welcome you again!!!..welcome 2 sidoscope.

  14. I am a firm believer of some of his principles..
    some because others are obsolete..
    but that was an awesome piece of poetry..

  15. Hey Sid..

    Hope you are doing fine..
    Have an award for you..

    Please go and collect it from my blog!!



  16. mixed reactions on Gandhi...neverthless sage indeed and nice one Sid!!

  17. either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself as the villain ;)

    truth about gr8ness .... anyways not a gandhi fan b-(

  18. @Rahul
    Tx buddy!!!

    Sure man will collect the award!!


    Yeah well put.. truth about greatness!!!


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