It was nothing personal: Poem.

The first person account of Nathuram Godse. This poem is written based on the book, 'Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy' and the Last speech at trail. I do request you to read till the end and then judge the person and poem. Read it with an unbiased mind and then comment.

The day was like any other
Without any worry or any bother

The sun rose to a brighter day,
In the cold of January it was a welcome stay.

Jogging my way across the street,
I saw the pieces of shattered feet.

Families torn apart from their dear,
Happiness in eyes replaced by fear

"This is my land and not your,"
The crowd shouted all night

"Leave my region and keep it pure"
They cried with all their might.

The Gods were at war,
The religion killed afar,

I looked into eyes, fear
Mixed into water it rolled as tear.

Standing there I made a choice,
I had a guide as my inner voice,

For all those who died, someone must pay
On second thoughts, I realised there was no other way

If he shed his clothes for the needy
He must also feel their pain, brought by the greedy

I had to choose against my will,
Between my country and a nasty kill

Yes, I killed the Mahatma, to save him the shame,
I saved him from his people who misused his name

It was nothing personal, I hereby say
I chose to walk the divine way.

Three bullets in his chest closed his episode,
Smiling at me his eyes did close,

It was nothing personal, I still repeat,
I do not celebrate this woeful deed.

Someone had to do it, so I did,
Into his heart the bullets I feed.

It was nothing personal, I will always say,
Until the Lord takes my breath away.


  1. you wrote it on very good occasion. today is death anniversary of Nthuram Godse.. and one again nice written. both gandhi poem n this one r classic..

  2. too tough to decide..but i could feel the humanity in his words...

  3. Hey pal. this is really nice. I love it. U presented it nice way.

  4. Another nice poem... keep them coming :)

  5. Is this your creation??
    If yes...hats off to you!!
    I was stunned after reading this account from Nathuram Godse's perspective!!

    Are you a creative designer?? The frequency with which you change the look of your blog is amazing!! :)

  6. This is my first visit, but I'm very impressed with your blog. I have a blog myself that provides inspiration and guidance to millions of people around the world. I was wondering if we could do a link exchange to spread some traffic around. Let me know if this is cool.


  7. nice one re...very beautifully written...I quite liked the flow of the whole thing...

    we had done a play on Nathuram Godse - his life, his feelings while killing Gandhiji...I was too young at that time to remember the whole play, but I remember the climax lines, they were

    Hayaat liye jaa, quayamat liye ja,
    Apne saath;
    saara jahaan liye jaa..

    and he shoots him..

  8. @Maddy.
    Wow, honestly it was inner voice that made me write it. Ossum occasion then!!!

  9. @Pramoda
    He was human, I have his trial papers you will be surprised at what he said and how shameful lies congress told after that

  10. @Roshmi
    U encourage, I write..;)

  11. @Shilpa
    Yes, this is my creation. This has been inspired by the trail papers of Nathuram Godse as well as the famous and controversial books on him.

    Congress may have portrayed him a terrorist and are roaming around with brand Gandhi. He was always a good person..

  12. @Shilpa
    Erm... I was a creative designer before, actually I have created this flexible template where I can change the colors whenever I want...:D

    I do this so that my friends don't see a mono-tonous blog and get bored. :D

    i change complete blog every two-three months, and blog header randomly!!!

  13. @Jason
    Welcome 2 sidoscope buddy, obviously if your content is cool I will definitely blog roll you by default.

    See the blogs worth reading section, if I deemed yours fit it will be here soon. :D

  14. @Neha
    I do not recall that play, but I was inspired from 'Mee Nathuram Godse boltoy' play in marathi.

    I did organize that play for college gathering until the principle came afraid to stop me..:P

  15. very nicely expressed.... for the time ever, I could feel that nauthuram wasnt wrong.

    cheers to you...

  16. Nice one Sid! You can write a serious stuff as good as the funny one! I have read 'me nathuram godase bolatoy'and I totally agree with the perspective you have presented here!

  17. @Chandhi
    Thanks...and welcome 2 sidoscope!!!

  18. @Pra
    Thanks pra... i try to maintain the balance between serious and humour...:D

    Tx for enjoying it.

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  20. not a gandhi fan .. neither a godsey fan .... but i like the way u wrote this one.. guess that makes me a sid fan ;)

  21. This was a great read! Very well written and thought provoking...

  22. @Psych Babbler
    Thanks for reading it peacefully!!!

  23. Very nicely piece of information presented in a creative way through poetry..

    I am afraid to say that I still saw Nathuram Godse as a killer..but now I am curious to know more about the whole thing..


  24. Whenever I read "Godse" I could sense the genuineness in his character. You have brought it out more prominantly. I love the way your words flow with an ease. Not even once did I stop to re-read a line :) Great stuff boy! Keep up the good work.

  25. @Garima
    Tx for reading it. No one is saying that he is not a criminal, he was a criminal...but only a criminal not a national treat, nor was Gandhiji a 'national' asset.

    Welcome to Sidoscope...:D

  26. @Chandrama
    yes, he was a simple soul...with a clear objective.

    :) tx for liking the poem... i write simple poems...:D

  27. But this was not Godse's perspective; it is the perspective Kabe wishes Godse had in shooting Gandhi.


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