My Journey in heaven

Story of an honest man, who was stuck in heaven. This poem is purely written for fun and has no relation with any God or Dogma whatsoever . This is NOT borrowed from any dogma has no relation to any Dogma and is not at all said by any God. However, I pray to God that this better be true, or I am doomed.

The day I died I took a free walk,
I was jack and this was my bean stalk,
I walked freely about a yard or seven,
For I was happy I was in heaven.

I jumped, I sighed,
I laughed, I cried,
I saw the land that was clean shaven,
Here I was happy, I had reached heaven.

I looked beneath, down in the hell,
People were swimming in the beer well,
They ate like pig and gaped at the dancing dame,
“What a pity,” I sighed, “what a shame.”

They cheered, they laughed,
They drank until they coughed,
I was happy, I was not there,
I was in heaven with purity everywhere.

I roamed in heaven for the whole day,
Finally in the eve I reached the foods bay.
There he sat, the almighty wise,
Eating food. He had pure eyes.

Food was served in golden plates,
Plain rice with the gravy of dates.
I wanted a treat, but the food was ordinary,
That made me worry.

“Tell me, oh almighty,” I asked the One,
“Why isn’t there a feast, or a treat some?”
the lord smiled and looked at me,
those pure eyes sealed my lips.

Speechless was I when I heard the words,
I started missing a bowl of sweet curds.
Slowly, silently, the almighty answered,
“For two of us here, son, is it an option?”

I was shocked, I was surprised,
Why wasn’t I a little wise?
That night after the plain dinner,
I thought, why wasn’t I not a sinner?

“What a pity,” I thought, “what a shame.”
I was angry, but so lame,
I could have robbed a few, cheated even,
Was I happy ,now, that I was in heaven?

Statuatory warning: This poem has violence.
Thanks Titaxy, Sreya, Sruti, Pooja for the wonderful awards you gave me. I also have a tag pending from Sammy, Rahul thousand apologies for missing out your wall of fame. I will definitely catch with everything soon.


  1. hey of the heartfelt poems that i have read recently...:)

    hah..last but one stanza..amazing thought...:)

    Keep going sid..and congrats on awards..:)

  2. Wow! that was awesome Sid.
    Great poetry with an excellent message.
    Keep up the good work.


  3. Hey sid that was too good :)) your poetry is equally good :) The Bruce almighty pic added the effect.. just loooove tht movie :))

  4. Well that was a great thought in poetry ... and man what a price of reaching heaven ;;)

  5. Do let me know your take on my latest flash fiction...

  6. Hey Sid,

    This is a beautifully phrased poem!!

    Its been written such articulately..Wish I could write something like that..

    Looking forward to more!!


  7. @Chatterbox
    Hey wat is d message in the poem?? I also do not know...

  8. that was brilliantly said...often heaven is much simpler and with less luxuries...

  9. @Ashwini
    I wuz inspired from d movie...2 write d poem...:D

  10. @Dmanji
    heh heh heh... i hope this is true...else I am doomed.

  11. @Dev Stop thinking and start writing and u will write something like this and better than me...:D

  12. this makes me think.... will i get to blog or orkut in heaven :-o

  13. hey :))
    Good one! Clear and nice phrasings siddhesh! So how heaven treated you?? :P


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