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The world is in a big mess, and I do not refer fact that daily saas-bahu shows are now busy torturing small kids, no I mean bigger problems are at hand. No, I am talking about a bigger mess, a massive mess.
You see, the grownups, yeah the people who ‘teach’ us, what not to do have ruined our planet beyond repair, so if we let them run this the same way, we will be left with seeing crows in the museum, a leaf will reach the price of gold and human race is going to end soon, and no we do not need terminator to do this, nor any alien, we can do it our self.
So… what can we do? Well, we are the new generation who are pro bloggers, at this moment we hold the key to information across the globe. What we can do is, spread the awareness. Sidoscope for one has completely decided to become a superhero and come up with a ten commandments of saving the world. I know this is very less, but every week in November a list of 10 things to do will be posted on Save the World Saturday.
Preachers don’t practice, is not the thing here, all the things mentioned below are done by me personally and then posted.

I am not just doing them, I am tagging you to do them too, if you are tagged means you have to do at least one, at most all the tasks mentioned below. If every one of us, does every one of the task only one time, we can save the world a few years. The more you spread it, the more it spreads.
Well, its a simple tag and you are getting an award for it…how cool is it?
  1. Post the link to the main rules on your blog.
  2. Post the link to the person who tagged you on your blog.
  3. You can entirely choose not to participate, in any case you can still pass on the tag.
  4. You can take up any of the 3 task below and still complete the task.
  5. Finally, honestly is the best below, based on the number of task you take up, pick up a award and display it on your sidebar.
Lets try becoming a superhero for a change, lets save the world.
So here is the task list.
  1. Turn off unneeded lights even when leaving a room for a short time
  2. Set your refrigerator temperature at 36 to 38 and your freezer at 0 to 5 .
  3. When using an oven, minimize door opening while it is in use; it reduces oven temperature by 25 to 30 every time you open the door.
  4. Turn off vehicle engine when waiting at signals.
  5. Shut off electrical equipment in the evening when you leave work.
  6. Plant trees to shade your home.
  7. Copy and print on both sides of paper.
  8. Use a ceramic coffee mug instead of a disposable cup.
  9. Walk or ride your bike instead of driving, whenever possible.
  10. Join a carpool or vanpool to get to work.
I you do the task above, minimum three and maximum all, feel free to proudly boast our achievement…

The Save planet Gadget, if you want to pass it on.

If you finish any 3 tasks above.

If you finish less than 5 and more than 3 tasks.

If you finish less than 9 and more than 5 tasks.

If you complete all the 10 task.

If you are already doing it, did it, then you are a part of green team, you can proudly boast your achievement with the award here. Lets save the world...

My green team are....

Miss Kido |Hary| Sayali Shah | Chatterbox | Neha| Dev | Manju | Roshmi Sinha | Being Pramoda...|RAJI| Govind| Rohini Prasanth |Ekam| Urvashi| Quintessence Of Illusion | Samadrita|  Deeps!!| Tangerine| rimz| scarlet pimpernel| Guria| Aditya|Deeps|Shrinath Vashishtha| Pooja Mahimkar| pra| Sugu| Shruti| Pawan| bharathi subbarayan| SE| Choco| Rane  (The Orchid with All Shades Pink)|Adesh| Mukund Awasthi| Titaxy| oRange *| Kumar Naveen| Rahul  | Ashwini | Pankaja | Aparna Rajesh | Shilpa Garg | Shilpa Sharma


  1. Great post! And amazing template!! And the most wonderful idea! Hats off!! What a way to make people aware and conscious! I never thought you literally meant those three things!! I already do errm... eight or nine, so can I post the badge? :P :)

  2. yes guria, if you are really and honestly doing eight or nine, I would encourage you to go for the crown. :)

    You are 1 task away from it, try it. And yes, the badge are an honor for your nobility to save the planet you can use it.

    I am amended the post to add this line of rules too...:D

  3. Hey! Nice post and a great template too! :)

    I like this one better...

    Will take up this task... though I think I am already doing most of them :)

    You see, I have a very green thumb and I love nature...

    P.S. Incase you have an interest in international affairs... I would like to know your views on my latest post...

  4. I like the template very much. Simple and subtle.

    now coming to the post. It was very good. I have been following 1,5,7,8 for past many years. Number 6 i used to follow when i was in village. Now that i have moved to a big city,and i live on 2nd floor so I don't have a garden to do so. Though my city is very very green as compared to other Indian cities.



  5. Hey that's a nice thing to do.. this is one really useful tag. Will take it up.. not sure which of these I follow "all the time". I follow sometimes and sometimes, I am lazy :)

  6. I liked this new blog template of yours :)

  7. @Roshmi
    it is a good thing if you follow few of the task regularly you can obviously take the award for them...

    plus I can suggest is you can try taking up some new task and lets attempt to save the world.

  8. @Shilpa
    I appreciate your dedication in saving the world, but our task doesn't end here. Spread the awareness about it everywhere.

    Pass this on to people.

  9. @Ashwini
    If thousands of us do everyone of this task for at least one time, we can save the world for a few years. Do them for at least once and spread the world.

  10. Thanks guys for loving this new template, however there seems to be some problem with the page layout. Are you people facing the problems with page layout editor? Or is it only me?

  11. Nice post and nice template. I have been using 6 of these tasks and would try to do rest of them also . Great initiative :)

  12. I'll add this tag on my blog in a day or tow )

  13. @Ekam
    pass on the word... the world needs it...:D

  14. yes even i am having a problem with page layout editor, some days ago i was having problems in editing and writing posts. ~x(

  15. ok now i believe the problem is solved...

  16. hey Sid..I'm happy to be the part of your green team..oops..sry..our green team..:)

    Nice template this one..

    I will post my points..but u know what, most of my things look like urs..ehe..any way will try and make out the list..thank you.

  17. yes our green team...:D

    i did not understand what most of my points look like yours??? :o

    hey btw...m in Pune...:D

  18. Hey Sid..

    First of all you deserve a huge appreciation for taking such an initiative..and coming up with such a brilliant idea..

    Thanks a lot for involving me in this.."Going Green" mission

    I do observe the points 2,3,4 & 7 but I guess that's not enough..

    The tag for this post would be up and running on my blog soon..

  19. Dude, thats a cool idea. hats off to you for that. I pretty much do 7 of em all the times. I'll make sure I pass on the message.. Thnx for coming up with an awesome idea.. You rock

  20. Came here from Neha's blog.

    Don't use an oven, so point 3 doesn't apply to me. Cannot do points 9 or 10, because I work from home. Religiously do all the rest of them. Hope it helps.

    Have fun!

    P.S. (Didn't want to tell you guys this but what the hell) I do point 4 only in winters. Cannot switch off the car engine in summers and sit without the AC! (sorry)

  21. ooo i agreee...nice ten commandaments...follow this and we each are a superhero within..nice way to bring awareness dude!

  22. @hary
    Oops i missed you man, but no worries...the more the adding your name to the green team...go green...:D

  23. wow, glad to be a part of ur green team :)
    and great idea ya!
    i do carry out a few of them ..shall try and do all of them!

    good going!

  24. Oye!
    Hi :)
    Cool template :D
    And yeah, thanks for changing the girl in header! This looks far bettter!
    I am doing 9 of these! just one more to go!!
    What an idea sirjee :P

  25. wonderful effort gonna pass it on to many of my friends...and make them pass it to many of their friends..and lets then know what can be done..
    I am already doing many of the above mentioned things..and i guess i'd try to do the rst too :)

  26. @Orange
    Its not just carrying them out...but also spreading the word. Do spread it. Let others know too.

  27. @Shruti
    Thank you thank all the 10 and we will do something good in the world.

  28. @Priya
    Its good to see you are already a super-hero. Lets make our friends into one too.

  29. noble idea and glad to be part of ur team.. i do all of that, that is on the list.. other than this the things do are

    a) i dont dispose plastic (mainly milk containers), but send it to recycling

    b) as a mom use as less as plastic diapers i can, use cloth nappies..

    c) i dont buy bottled water to add to the junk,carry boiled water from home..

  30. Good work you are doing here Sid! Congrats!!

  31. amazing cause...I have already been doing 1,2,3,5,7 and 8...I will for sure take up this tag...thank u for passing it on :))

  32. @Pra
    So you have to pass this on...lets try to safe the world.

  33. @Neha
    Sure...and also make sure you pass this on too...

  34. thanks for tagging me ^^
    this is such a cool initiative!
    i do all of them ha! :P we started going gree like 2 years ago, so it's pretty common stuff in my household i guess


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