10 Subtle signs that winter has began

There are certain things that are really really uncertain in our life. Like if you go to meet someone in the afternoon, should you or should you not ring the doorbell.

You ring the doorbell and two flats from opposite wing open the door, swear at you for disturbing their sleep... hello, blame the doorbell, blame the maniac person who installed such a loud doorbell and still not opening the door, but no, as the law of the universal idiot (I have submitted the law to the authority of laws, but they replied that they listen to only people who the law is not applicable...gaah, not me) you get blamed for disturbing the sleep.

Well, then don't ring the bell, softly knock on the door, the house owner will never open the door, but the society watchman will eye you suspiciously as if you are a distant relative of Osama. Hello, the lady has called me, I have no intentions of waking up the kumbhakaran. Gaah.

Or like if its 11:00 O' Clock in the morning, what should you wish, Good morning or good afternoon? Because, when you wish your boss 'Good afternoon,' he replies, 'Is it noon so soon?,' and when you say 'Good morning,' he says, 'So your morning has not yet ended?'

Uncertainty, nothing else.

There is one more thing, that is uncertain in your life is, when exactly winter starts?

You have a brand new leather jacket which you want to show-off, you proudly wear it in the officer and the first girl who meets you says, 'Are you feeling cold? Winter has not started yet?'

Oh Damm, don't ever accept you are feeling cold in front of the girl, then she will give you the look of disgust and the aura of I-am-stronger-than-you. Damm oh Damm oh Damm.

'No just feeling sick,' you reply, thanking God that you did not listen to Gandhiji from history textbook.

Then you quickly move into toilet and remove the jacket and carry it along, now, if you carry the jacket it becomes a big pain in on your ass arm. You have to carry it with you everywhere, can't sneak out of office when no one notices.

So what is the solution? Dhan da dan... Folution is there...:D

I have found out 10 definate signs that indicate winter has becan, if you see more than 5 signs around you...ta da... your ossum jacket is going to get praised.

The 10 signs are...at your service, ladies and gentlemen...

  1. It takes Harry Potter's wand for the hair oil to pour out from the bottle, otherwise its wastage of your money.
  2. The smoke coming out of your mouth is definately not the cigarate you smoked ten minutes ago.
  3. Hankerchief are on sale in Big Bazar.
  4. All of the sudden girls wearing Small Skirt, sleeve-less,back-less, neck-less, top-less and God-knows-what-all less vanish from the street. (pardon me but I am not too much in 'touch' with the nomenclature of the fashion industry.)
  5. The tickets to the next Mallika Sheravat movie are houseful (This should not be considered a definite sign in multiplexes)
  6. What you thought was a dead deer on the shoulder of your female friend, turns out to be the latest brainstorm of the fashion industry.
  7. After selling pens, blazers, pain relief creams you see Ab sr. selling cold creams on TV
  8. Your Gf refuses going for the second round of ice cream (Sadly first round is there)
  9. You suddenly have a bathroom-phobia, where your whole body shivers while entering your bathroom (obviously I am not talking about Himayala returned, rubber body yoga practitioners I mean us, Mango-People)
  10. Suddenly you see people shamelessly cleaning their nose in office toilateries without bothering at the disgusted look on your face as you try to wash your hands besides them.

There now you know when it is safe to come out with your leather jacket, if only I had such ossum and definite guide a month ago, a shameful day would be saved.

The author bears no responsibilty of your actions on seeing the signs. The signs may differ for every individual, do not come to trash the author (that would be me), it pains more in winter. Do not rely of these signs if you are feeling cold, go fetch a sweater.

And yay, winter is here.

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  1. haha.. really nice..harry potter wand..lol.

  2. Nice one.

    One more sign from my side:

    "The quilt is more important than your gf." :P

  3. Afternoon comes after "noon" as in 12 o'clock, does that help?? ;))
    and the ten signs for your ossum jacket?? The temperature in the papers don't do, do they?? ;;)
    Great one, Sid saab!!! :D

  4. lol haha , am here after a long time and once again you leave me with a smile on my face. yet another hilarious post man! Love the good morning, afternoon fiasco, its soo true :D

  5. Yeah! winters are on! For me, winters were on a month ago...

    sign no 6 was a killer! ;))


  6. 4) is definitely a sign that Winter is here ;) ... Infact All of them are the signals actually :D ...

  7. :))

    "What you thought was a dead deer on the shoulder of your female friend, turns out to be the latest brainstorm of the fashion industry."

    Paisa wasool!

  8. yeah even i sometimes try to figure out what do you wish your teachers @ 11am? :-o

    @ 3,4,8 =))

    @ 5 :-/

    also when the skin starts chipping off your palms ;)


  9. You've given great thought to come up with a list that's real hilarious yet very true in so many ways.

    Nice post :D


  10. ~~*All of the sudden girls wearing Small Skirt, sleeve-less,back-less, neck-less, top-less and God-knows-what-all less vanish from the street. (pardon me but I am not too much in 'touch' with the nomenclature of the fashion industry.)

    lolzzzzzzzz on that tats why guys go characterless :P:D

    well well winter is here too..and i luv it..specially during christmas..

  11. Congratulations on the Tangy pick! ... and Celebrations... !!! :)

  12. @Roshmi
    hey tx... wow u knew it before than me...:D

  13. @Chatterbox
    To be honest, I did not think at all while writing the post, this was honest confession...:D

  14. @Priya
    Yeah, winter is ossum yaar... with Santa also coming out...:D

    Well, actually guys only got T-shirt and Shirt...I think...:D

  15. @Neha
    5...;) its truth...:P

    Yeah skin starts chipping off...eeu...:D

  16. @Roshmi
    :o who charged u money to visit the blog...:D :p ;)


  17. @Dmanji
    Obviously all r subtle signs, but you usually relate to the sign you see the most. :P

    I must correct...observe the most...:P :D

  18. @Shilpa
    that has actually happen to me... b-(


  19. @Guria
    See temperature has nothing to with winter...:P its the public show...and these are signs for that...:D

  20. @Aditya
    Tx buddy...and welcome back to sidoscope...:D

    Btw... u may come and go...humor stays...;)

  21. @Prathamesh
    erm... went bouncer, explain pls???

  22. Congrats on tangy tuesday pic! Why only Ten?! But all of them are sooo true!

  23. @Pra
    10 cos I was too busy shivering while writing this post...:D

  24. wow....liked the way u started the post........ gr8 signs tooo...

    U n a part of " Mango-People"....???? :P

    Keep writing..happy winter :)

  25. Hi ... I too stayed in delhi fr two years.. the winter was awesomeeeee...:)..Sorry if i was contradicting u ...heheh...

    I loved the whether always...;)

  26. hey i tried on posting my comments to ur new post...but culd not...:(((...

    the template change !! any ways it could be more better..it was my option in the pole..:)

    keep writing sid..:)

  27. :))

    Ha! Ha! Entertainment ka paisa wasool!

  28. First time here. I loved your writing

  29. this is my December
    this is my time of the year
    this is my December
    everything seems so clear ..... :D

  30. @Pramoda
    Ok great... even I loved the weather...:P wen did i say i did not???

    What better should i make it??? I tried keeping it fast.

  31. @Roshmi
    Oh ok... :)) meko laga someone is charging u...:D

  32. @Communi
    Welcome 2 sidoscope...:D


  33. Sahi hai Bhidu....excellent writing and a dapper sense of humour characterises your post....really like it!! :D


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