The astrologer – A short story

Today I am not here, but have been invited on evansenseofthoughts by Avada Kedavra who asked me to write something for her blog. Avada is a excellent blogger with a great creativity and a great focus on her blog post. Do check out this ossum harry potter fan, who is stung by the splendor of crazy thought.

This is my first invitation to be the guest blogger on some other blog, so obviously am flattered and very excited. Yay. So I managed to pen down a Short Story as fast as I could and as it turns out, funny thing, I am also the first guest blogger post on her blog as well. Double yay.

The story is surely interesting about lost souls looking for closure. I betcha you will love it.

P.s. If you are blindly looking for the comment form to blindly write the comment, 'Too good', 'Excellent' and other Present-madam comments then for you, the comments on this post has been disabled. :D

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