Happy unmarried?? well… almost.

When you are single, living alone and a woman in India, every passing day becomes a living nightmare for you. Every single man you bring in your house is a prospective ‘damad’ for your parents and every time you have to go to a friends marriage comes a great question, are you going to be the single lady who is going to be paroled by the Aunties who have been appointed to do the task of holy matrimony that the marriage sites or the great friend who attends all the marriages with someone. Darn life.

This is the new chapter on my new Blovel, a little Blog+novel experiment that I am coming up. Its the ultimate guy to life, relationships and dating. If you like funny stories, relationships and a light hearted humor get into the lifes of Rahu, Ketu and Shani who about to go on a journey to discover  the life along with the girls in their life.

When you are growing up, your family explains you that anything you do is bound to pound you in hell. You tell a lie, you go to hell. You drink beer, you go to hell, you kiss a girl, hell it is. Man, hell does seem kind of overfull.
But the more you grow up, all the things come back to you. You lie, yes you tell a lie, maybe for laziness, maybe for a leave, but you lie. People drink beer around you, you go for a sip, the next thing you know, you are a regular on a drinking bar. Kiss a girl…lets talk about it later. Now, the problem is, do these thing still take you to hell?
Well, this is a journey, a journey to understand life. A platform beyond right and wrong to understand love, life and relationship and trust me, this is going to be one hell of a ride.
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