The three mistakes of my life - Part II

The thing about mistakes is, you have to make it, to realize its a mistake. Because if you don't do it, it is not a mistake, because mistake is something that is seen after you make it.

Life is build on the carcasses of mistakes, where you lay down the crypt of one over another and build a big tower which is then called experience. There are many mistakes you do in your life, some which you do accidently, like praising the figure of your friends sister in front of him, some you do deliberately, like touching the wet paint on bench knowing that the paint is wet.

Some mistakes are, well, mistakes that come on the fork-road of your life where a decision you take will change the course of direction your life will move ahead and you will regret them forever in your life. These are the mistake you hear mostly in the bar after six pegs and usually they began with, 'If I had to go back and do it differently...'

Last time I told you about the three mistakes I did in my love life, today these three mistakes is about life. It is always safe to discuss only three mistakes in your life, as three is the reasonable number where mistakes can be forgiven, beyond which it comes as a personal failure on the individual. In this case... me.

So the first point of mistake happened after I finished my HSC, the process of going to engineering I have told you before. After my twelveth, the same college had offered me free seat for BCS which I was definitely enjoying, I could have enjoyed it further taken up a job and would be settled in life... but I didn't.
Now, after five years (yup, one year got elongated) I find myself in a job which has nothing to do with the thing my dad spend his half savings for.

Now, I really should not bitch a lot about this thing, for you will say its the same story everywhere, the big words like recession, downsizing, cost-cutting comes to your mouth. But then that's the second mistake of my life, I choose software engineering over advertising. I had a option to become the copywriter for a ad agency, the money was less but the job satisfaction was more.... but I didn't.
I choose money over work and here I am bursting my creative energy into a blog, trying to show the world that there is a life beyond my cubicle.

The third mistake in my life, was to believe in the HR department of my current company. The monetary promise they offered me while joining has not yet even materialized even after a year with them. I believed in them when they offered me transfer to Noida, I believed in them when they canceled my appraisal.
Well, I am not upset for the fact that the company cannot afford me, I am upset for the fact that for same peanuts I could have worked in my home town, Pune... but I didn't.

As they say, 'Some wound are a little more than flesh deep.' these wounds I will always carry to my grave, maybe after fifty years some kid in some part of the world will read the mistakes of his old man on an online blog.

Till then, I live in a Ossum world with no regrets and no worries, and obviously there is always a new morning to wake up and I got more seventy eighty years to live, that gives me a hell lot of time to make some brand new mistakes...ho ho ho.

P.s. Happy Holidays


  1. I'd like to quote a character from an anime show here- '[i]We all have regrets...whether it's something we did or something we did not[/i].'

    While going through this post I felt as if someone was echoing my feelings-
    I chose engineering over my passion for english literature and Mathematics.I chose to give in to peer pressure and other people's expectations over my own.
    I guess everybody has a similar story to tell.

    But hey at least you have a JOB in these times of economic crisis.And apparently it pays well too.
    So stop cribbing! :P

  2. well first off...look whos back...:D

    welcome back sammy...:D

    Yup everybody has a similar story to tell... and well hello, yes I do have a job...but I do not need a job. This a big chain around my legs..:(

    I was happy earing crap and writing copy...:(

    ok... stopping cribbing now...:D

    Btw I got another offer with double the salary in my hometown, so like this mistakes are covered now in new year...:D

  3. Mistake: Stepping stone to success ;)

  4. Thank you thank you! :D
    But it seems I've forgotten the code for enclosing tags.Shoot! :(
    It's like this I guess.

  5. @Sammy
    Ironic isn't it??? you did a mistake on a post about mistakes...;)

  6. Nice one. The point is we should never repeat the same mistake again. For example, your company HR. First time shame on them. If it happens again, shame on you.

  7. There you go..The last paragraph says it all. No matter what we have done, how many of those silly mistakes have we committed, if we are ready to accept them and move on and stay happy, life is blessed.

    Happy Holidays to you too..

    Ps. BTW, this is not a double shots take right?? I totally forgot about it in that last post until I saw ur comment.:))

  8. Oh, Sid dude, you spoke my heart. I could easily relate to it. If I said anything other than this, I would just be repeating this post.
    Do the things you love the most.
    A very thought provoking post.

  9. @Dil
    Yup.. i practically live with no regrets at all in life.

    Wat no... this is not a double shots, but yes maybe... i mean maybe a double shots on the life of a software engineer..might crop up someday, somewhere...;)

  10. @Karthik
    this is kinda, its easy to say do what you like to do... it takes heavy dose of destiny to actually do it...

    which only some people posses...:)

  11. well said... really when u scan back our deeds there are many a things that we must hav not banked on... but we did...
    well written...

  12. @Naveen...
    :) lets hope I have it...:)

  13. @Jayant
    Welcome 2 sidoscope, thanks man... :)

    sometimes its time to look behind...:D

  14. @Chocolate Lover
    well thanks... and same to you...:D

    welcome 2 sidoscope...:D

  15. I am so used the no. 10 in sidoscope, that I was expecting a 10 misstakes...

    But you have made the point clear for not going beyond 3.

    Merry Christmas.

  16. @Pramathesh
    As i already said, if more than 3 mistakes are shown in public... u r a loser...:D and i am not...;)

  17. mistakes I never explained you before.. are mistakes when they are repeated.. rest all are just ..

  18. well..well...:) good re..:)

    i think i missed the parts ..will read it ..:)

    happy christmas..:)

  19. @Pramoda
    Sure dear...;)

    Merry Xmas

  20. hmmm i cant write down how many mistakes i have made now!!!! made me realise
    Merry X'mas...god bles:D

  21. @Hary
    Its always ossum to look back into your mistakes, make a grave face and tell people...don't do what I what i say...:P

  22. Well dude, mistakes are just a part of life. As you said till you make a mistake you will never realize its a mistake.

    I firmly believe that there is a reason behind everything that happens,may be if you dig deeper you will find these taught you a lot. No experience is a bad experience cause you will end up learning something with it and anything that teaches you something cannot be bad.

    I too have screwed up a lot of things in my life. My mom always says... "Sab kuch ache ke liye hota hai" (everything happens for a greater good).


  23. welcome to the grp Sid. happy to see you committing the same mistakes.


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