When the girls dad is chasing you... run!!!

So it was way back in the year 2002, my 12th grade, I was sitting quietly on the 'katta', the very dirty place on the basketball grounds of Modern college where we used to hang out and go for 'bird' watching, now why was I sitting quietly is a different story altogether. You see, there was a pokhran testing going on in my stomach done by the last night over access chicken.

So there I was sitting quietly on the katta, praying to God that the results of the Pokhran test should not spill out at the wrong moment, when suddenly my friend came running around.

'Dude, its her,' said R, my friend.
'Who?' I asked curious, now 'her' may refer to multiple hers at a time. I was just 16, not happening with the disasters around the 'her' community.
'S.' he actually screamed her name, and two pigeons flew away from distance and another big blast in my stomach, ' her dad is looking for you.'
'What the?' I exclaimed, 'He is looking for me?
'Yes,' R said and pointed to the Second cousin of Dara Singh standing on the second floor outside my class. Its a good thing, I used to bunk classes (On request of my lawyer, I have to add the disclaimer, bunking is a bad habit, do not bunk classes...yeah right!!!)
'Shit...' I exclaimed jumping down the katta, a decision I regretted 15 secs later, 'Ouch' the bad landing syndrome and my leg takes the wrong turn and also the final big blast in my stomach. Double ouch, in my mind. Now what I had did so wrong, to cause such a big thing?

The victim in question was my table partner, a sweet innocent looking girl with no Chemistry with me, but sharing the chemistry table with me. She wore a long plait of hair, which was not due to the length but due to the army strictness of a Punjabi family, which by the way I learned later that day.

So the crime in question was not that huge as might be portrayed, it was a simple principle of sharing the table with a guy. A mutual understanding to borrow the chemistry notebook, and the worlds most lazy bum incapable of completing his own chemistry journal and resort to copy it from her... means, I wanted to borrow her journal and made some lewd joke about it.

So with all the guilt in my stomach and all the shit in my pants, I ran, ran like I was chased by the tiger and literally I was chased by the tiger... atleast a Punjabi-da-sher (Punjabi tiger... I think)

I ran till I reached the railway station to catch the first running local train to my home, when I reached the train station, I saw her. S, standing quietly waiting for the train.

I was confused, I was shocked. Twenty minutes of torment and she is not even in college? Those where the blessfull days without the irritating cell phone, so I decided to exit quietly not discussing anything with anyone.

I never went to college for the next one month, which was not at all noticed as I was already rare seen in classes.

Years later, I met 'S' on the same Shivaji Nagar railway station. This time she was committed to some guy and was waiting for the train to go out of town. When we discussed the past and the things we shared on that Chemistry table, we laughed.

A little me in my mind wanted to run away, lest she removes that topic of her dad. But she didn't.
Finally unable to control my thoughts, I asked her about the incident, why her dad was looking for me. Hey boyfriend raised her eyebrow and was suddenly interested in the conversation.

He glanced at me for a moment and then laughed, laughed right there.

"What that why you were missing from the chemistry labs for a month?" she asked.
"Erm... no...maybe," I replied totally confused.
"Silly, why would my dad chase you? He had come to meet Sagar, some other guy who stopped me in path the other day. Man, you are guilty or what!!!"

Ok... now that I see it, it was really silly for me to assume he was chasing me. How could I assume such a thing? It was fear that played that day, fear talking control of my guilt
Of all the silly things we did in college, never ever was I so afraid as I was that day.

On concluding note, I am looking forward for the alumni meet to meet R, I am also polishing my boxing skills for that.

P.s. Apparently my net connection at home is gone for a toss, I do have read all your excellent post in reader but unable to comment on them as blogs are blocked in office.
You can see me tonight on your blogs...hopefully.

P.p.s. Thank's for the excellent response for the previous post, it ain't over.


  1. Haha... S's dad should have come after you. I wish he had..

  2. That was hilarious Ravan :)
    Trust me anyone in your place too would have thought her father was chasing you. But not attending classes for one full month was too much of hiding :D

    I liked the title of your post. It's fantastic.

    Your wonderful anecdotes and stories have given me the tickle to write another piece of fiction.

    Keep up the good work :)


  3. Can we sense some crushy business here? lol
    You ran from Modern College to Shivaji Nagar? Whew that must've been quite a run!
    and i liked the "second cousin of dara singh"

  4. i have been in enough trouble to know how you feel :P.Thanks for visiting,you wrote an awesome story on Avk's blog.

  5. :))

    2nd cousin of Dara Singh =))

    But... why not 1st cousin... ???

  6. @Chanz
    it took to me 6 years to summon up and ask her about the incident... u think chasing me wud be good for me?? :O :( :D

  7. @Chatterbox
    good thing I managed to inspire someone...:D

    something good did happen that day...:D

  8. @Sorcerer
    welcome 2 sidoscope!!!

  9. @Shilpa
    That was the name of the post...:P

  10. @Saurabh
    that was my usual route of running...:P


    it was definitely not a crush, just a chemical locha...:P

  11. @Miss nobody
    thanks dear... welcome 2 sidoscope...:D

  12. @Roshmi
    I am pretty sure i have been trashed by the first cousin...:P

  13. @Neha
    thanks, i guess!!! :P

  14. =)) that was tooo funny sid :D but bunking classes? that definitely is bad :-L

  15. hahaha funny. similar thing happened with me in my school.

  16. @Ashwini
    So i put notice there na...:P My attendance is a records...11%

  17. Fantastic, dude. Hilarious. =))
    I can empathize with you. :D

  18. excluding the 'pokhran test' i too had a similar incident once :D ... i couldnt make it out n got caught b-(

  19. I am still imagining you running, running and running..hahah...

  20. @Naveen
    Bhaggwaan ki daya se... i have not yet been caught...;)

  21. @Dil
    u laugh.. i made a monkey out of myself...:( :D

  22. lolzz...That was hilarious, Sid. Or should I say sad! ;)

    Yeah! Get ur boxing skills polished.

    Though I doubt whether R would be as foolish as to turn up. Judging from the incident, I think you should let it pass. R is too smart to fall for it unless you have turned smarter.

    And judging from your post, you haven't! :P (For you wouldn't be publicizing it then)

  23. @Mainak
    huh... dude he has no clue about d incident...so he will come...


    don't judge me from d post...i m evil...:P


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