Funny Friday Fiction 55: Love me propah

Sidoscope Presents Funny Friday Fiction 55. Everybody put your hands together for the Shmuck running a muck who is a simple woman with complex taste. She writes with a unique signature style of her own. Do visit her to have a great dose of her exclusive writing.

55 Fiction:A work of fiction(Microfiction)limited to a maximum of 55 words
She felt dirty,used.He was a beast of a man,and she was doomed to do his bidding.
Sometimes the unholy wretch even lent her to his friends. The last guy had been especially rough,and she was sore...still.
Death did not come easily for her kind.
So ,
"CLEAN ME!" screamed the red Converse,instead.


You are all invited to participate in Funny Friday Flash Fiction 55, just drop a mail id to guestblogger AT sidoscope DOT co DOT in(Obviously replace the capital letters with symbols).


  1. Fantastic twist Shmuck :D

    Keep up the fantastic work!!

  2. Definitely funny.Even though it was obvious the 'she' mentioned here couldn't have been a normal she.XD
    Nice write :)

  3. :)) :D :)) Hilarious as ever ...

  4. Thanks for the sweet intro :)
    P.s:I feel pathetic ^_^

  5. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sid...if yu know tamil...then yu join the club of mokai...else nothing:)..cya aroun


  6. Hey Shmuck

    Dis is an interesting post..

    Great work..

  7. hmmm...thnks for the help on that last punchline of urs...after learning the meaning, the whole thing seeped through my head and all that I can say now is

    awwwwwwesooooooooome...... :)) :))

  8. Hey that was cool.......not till i googled for the word red Converse...hahahaha.
    So I am back after a loooooong break....and u still sound the same on your blog ....funny. Be the same!

  9. Am first...lolzz

    That was a good one Shmuck. Well-done.
    Nice surprise.

  10. Looks like am not gonna be the first one to comment...lolzz...though i can't see any so far :(

  11. @The Schmuck
    You deserve a better intro my friend...:D

    P.s. Don't feel pathetic...:D

  12. Though I could make out that she won't be an obvious she...but red converse never struck my mind..

    Great attempt!!

  13. Firstly,Sorry for replying so late everyone...I exhausted my broadband bandwidth this month,and sadly enough my dad still pays my bills :P
    Chatterbox:Hehe thanks :)!

    Orange:Awww.didn't think it would be so predictable Argh!:P

    Samadrita:Yea,that's the beauty of 55s ;)

  14. Dmanji:Glad you liked it!:)

    Daydreamer:Thanks! :D

    Neha:OOOH score! impressed you!

    Urvashi:Omg you too! :X

    Pankaja:Google should be renamed First Aid :P

  15. Shas:Thanks!:)

    Sid:you are sweet!:)Thanks for unleashing me on your space:P I promise to clean up after I leave :P

    Jaunty anima:This is where I say...YAHTZEEE!!

    Shilpa:Muchas Gracias,Shilpa ;)


    I want to thank everyone who commented on this post of mine,your views are valuable and much appreciated :) And Sid,thanks again.You ROCK!

  16. hahah..That was LOL funy..Good one..


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