Funny Friday Fiction 55: Monster

Sidoscope Presents Funny Friday Fiction 55. Today we truly have a guest on Sidoscope. She is sweet, she is smart and thats a deadly combination. She is also a good writer and wrote the best Fiction 55 when asked her. She is Neha Singh, a non-blogger and a very good potential writer.

Mom had no idea how badly Tom wanted to bunk school. Midnight he shook his Mother from sleep.
“Mom, do you think Monsters are under the bed tonight?”
“How do you Know” impatiently
“Okay! Tell me a horror story!”
Why? Confusedly…..
“Cause, sometimes monsters laugh …….”
She smiles – “It’s a Sunday tomorrow Let’s sleep now! Goodnight!”
 You are all invited to participate in Funny Friday Flash Fiction 55, just drop a mail id to guestblogger AT sidoscope DOT co DOT in(Obviously replace the capital letters with symbols).

Thank you Neha, for the post.


  1. Cute story :)
    Wonderful argument from a child's perspective!!

    Keep up the good work Sid :)


  2. Wonderful!!

    I too have tried it for the first time...Drop in at my blog to find out whether it is really a 55 er or just like that(JLT)

  3. HAHA!

    Cute..each one of us has a story to tell about bunking!

  4. :) Very sweet...i would like to try mu hand at this :)

  5. @Megha
    just drop in a mail at guestblogger and I will get in touch...


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