Life on a Line –(Blog-a-ton 6)

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Drabble is an extremely short work of fiction exactly one hundred words in length. The purpose of the drabble is brevity and to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space.
(This words have been 'borrowed' from Shilpa "Rose' Garg)

They taught him to write in one line when he was in class one, they taught him to walk in a single line when he was in class two. He stood in a single line for taking admissions to colleges, wait for bus, wait for train.
He had to finish degree in one attempt, and then get one job in one month. Finally had to choose one girl to marry to fulfill one sexual desire and then one kid to finish it. He lived his life in a straight line, in a single line.
Today, the straight line has come on an end. As he lay on his death bed, he realized his life was non-existent, he was just the puppet of tradition.
His life was a straight line from birth to death, drawn by the unseen hand of culture, tradition and decency.
In one breath, he gave up the life.

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  1. wow!! didn't see this coming, but it think it was fab glad that u decided to take part :)

  2. Yea...the cycle of life...
    but everyone has a chance, not one but many...
    khoop chan..short and sweet :)

  3. yea, cycle of life...but everyone has a chance, not one but many...

    chan, ekdum life psychology :)

  4. Very poignant and just 100 words!

  5. @Madhu
    Arey no... I did not its called a dribble... i really kept to word limit in mind, I was also not sure if I will b participating...just wrote watever came to my mind. Inspired form a marathi movie 'Dombivali fast'


    Yes dark and real. The life of countless indians.

  6. @Harsha
    Even I did not see it come...:P

  7. @Megha
    Dombivali fast varun inspired ahe...:D

    The rat race in life...:)

  8. The 'line' is very well used in the post. Interesting.

  9. @Dreamer
    I actually got lazy and stopped short...:P

  10. @Aaativas
    I thought that was what the point of whole blogaton was...isn't it...;)

  11. Very nicely expressed in few words. Something provoking on the line of 3 Idiots.

  12. Poignant.

    P.S. Great to see a drabble from you. Keep them coming...

  13. @Abhishek
    Erm... actually not on the lines of 3 idiots, there was the marathi movie 'dombivali fast' long back...:)

  14. That's a good one Sid! Liked it!! :)

  15. @Roshmi
    :D Encourage me more...and I will definitely write more...:D

  16. Glad my life isnt that straight.I just might live longer :P Jokes apart.Did I say that um *BLOWN AWAY*?
    G'luck Siddo!

  17. Drabble sounds an interesting form of fiction :)
    It was a wonderful story in so few words.

    Liked the idea of relation everything to "just one".

    Keep up the good work Sid :D


  18. @theschmuck
    Thank you thank you...:D

    vote for me...:D

  19. Hey Sid, on the more than 1 picture, no it was NOT a rule :-)

    .. "..but **prefer** using no other image in the whole post.."

    So go ahead and add as many as your want ! :-)

  20. @Chatterbox
    That is how i visualized the pic...:D

  21. hey these are real cool!!! but well i am a bit busy these days and so the whole cartoon pro will have to wait i guess...i do it for i dont really want to take it seriously :)


  22. Drabble? Had never heard of it.
    It was a nice one dude. Story with a gray shade. Liked it. :)

  23. @*Sreya*
    Even I do it for fun...let me know if you want in...

  24. @Karthik
    Even I did not hear about it...until I read Shilpas...:D

    Thanks...Vote for me...:)

  25. @Neha
    'Dombivali fast' re...:D

  26. Well! Its a different perspective...I mean about the picture. It was quite nice. :)

  27. Short and meaningful indeed.
    Liked the idea.

  28. Nice story Sid. A totally different one from your usual writing.... I liked it! A drabble...!Congrats!!

  29. now-a-day life in not in one line any more..thank God there is some spice in our life....nice work!!

  30. @Nethra
    I just wrote wat I thought on seeing the picture...:)

  31. Now that's a new thing I learnt today..'drabble'. Truth has two sides to, it is white and pure and other it is gray and shady. I like the way you have put reminds me of a saying, "Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains" true..the restrictions really ruin lives! Good one! Good luck with BATOM 6!

  32. @Yemiledu
    :) i hope it conveys the message in short!!!!

  33. @Pra
    I am experimenting a lot nowadays...:D

  34. @pushpee
    Sadly in India there are atleast 80% of people who live it this way.

    This was the advice given by one of the friend's dad to him...:)

  35. @Raksha
    The 'drabble' idea is not mine, it was borrowed from Shilpa,

    and yes, but the chains are created by us only...wat were for our benefit have become our curse!!!

  36. SiD has started taking psychology classes!

    Just pulling your leg. Nice peace of fiction. Fiction nonetheless. I don't think there is anything wrong in living that way. The easiest way to live your life. ;)

  37. @Mainak
    I can show u around 80% living life this way...

  38. love it! straight talkin at its best!

  39. Good one...

    One of the few posts where the content can be seen in context of the image. Good going...

    Best of luck for BATOM-6

  40. @Mudra
    I do not kid around!!!:)

  41. @Talking Skull
    Thanks bro... vote for me..:) :D

  42. Dombivli Fast is a gr8 movie!
    Simply loved it. And this dribble drabble thing... Me gonna try soon!

  43. Oops! Forgot to comment on the post! lol

    Well nicely written and quite a story of life of many middle class ppl around me! He realised it too late na?

  44. @Saurabh
    Yup... this is a segno...a sign for people to realize it early...

  45. Perfect was up to the mark...
    all you people are great writers.....

    Shall come back soon to read other posts.

  46. @Geeta
    Welcome to sidoscope...:)

    thanks for the praise... everyone who writes is a great author...:)

    Sure you are welcome anytime...:)

  47. wow Sid..The title is great and very apt...such a sad story....great work...

  48. Dark and Hard hitting!
    Well written.
    Good luck for BATOM6! :)

  49. It was very good! A serious post from u? A.W.E.S.O.M.E

  50. @Dil
    It is also a true story of Indians...:D

  51. @Shruti
    Thank last you came...:D

  52. am standing and clapping for your post........
    superb innovation......
    a perfect drabble..
    may i know hw it is related to dis pic??

  53. @Mahesh
    Can't you see? The picture the man is writing something on a line drawn by a pencil with an invisible hand.

    The line stops abruptly in the middle. Leaving it nothing!!!

  54. From what I have seen on your blog, you usually don't write much serious stuff, right? This was really different, poignant as someone put it, practical, short and slick! :)

  55. Preeti... you break my heart, I write all the serious stuff yaar...just that I don't write it seriously...:P

    One thing, whatever I write, I write different...:)

    and practical...:D

    Welcome to Sidoscope...

  56. BEAUTIFUL.. Great use of wrds nd xpressions to put across this perfect interpretation.. man u r a serious writer :)


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