Welcome 2010... New Year Nightmare

Funny thing yesterday I met Mr. 2009 who was sad that tomorrow is his last day at work, he was quietly packing his stuff and I wished him the standard ‘I will miss you’ visit.
‘So old man, you sound so different?’ I said.
‘I cannot afford to retire, the bank with my retirement plan is sunk talking all my savings with it,’he said as he packed his calendar (seriously?), ‘God. All the bad things that can happen with a year have already happened. Plus my PF account is nearly empty, but they forced me out anyway…’ he sobbed
‘Oh old man, but they had to make a room for Baby 2010,’ I said pointing to the little kid 2010 who just popped in.
‘Nope,’ said the baby 2010, ‘I didn’t get the job either. There is a hiring freeze they say.’ said the kid 2010, ‘They are filling the post internally’
Just then a Mr. Perfect Khan came in disguise all out of nowhere, and started lecturing on how the calender thing should be perfect. I woke up with a start and ended the nightmare.

All is well… I think, for I distinctly remember seeing Baddy Darling and Sobby Virani in the queue for aspirants.

I read somewhere that new year resolutions end by the end of January, so this year for the benefit of mankind, I plan to break the jinx. I will be starting to follow them from 1st of February…huh seriously

For the first time ever, presenting the New Year resolutions 2010, which I promise, will, try to follow this new year.... I have written it on Yellow Legal pad, which is as official as it gets. newyear2010

Click the image to enlarge...hopefully it will.

P.s. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS. This year is going to be the OSSUMEST year we all ever had till date, and remember I promise to get your strong heavy doses of humor more and more this coming year.
P.p.s. Cheers. I am at the new year party at the moment and have scheduled this post for publishing at exactly 12:00, hopefully it will. So at the same moment am going to actually raise a toast for all the friends who read the blog and support me.


  1. i think i should include 5th one on my list too...but hell thats going 2 be so difficult...hope we suceed any which way..happy 2010...


  2. @Neha
    Lets keep our fingers crossed...:D

    Happy 2010

  3. hahahha..Hope we all live happily in 2010..:)
    Happy New Year..

  4. Dil,
    we all are going to live happily dear...its uncanny...:D

    happiness is around the corner...:D

    Happy new year.

  5. nice way to start a year ... :D

    happy 2010

  6. Happy new year Sid!!!Gluck with your resolutions!They never work for me,and sadly I never give up.Or is that a happy thing?
    You have a good time!I hope I do too,and everyone does!
    -S(previously blogging as Miss Nobody)

  7. new year resolutions NEVER work for me but i loved reading that list :P

  8. Now that I reread the list, 3rd and 4th seem to be very interesting. I would want to know..how it goes..:)

  9. @Subhayan
    Thanks bro...Happy new year to you too...:D

    will take up your tag soon...:D

  10. @Miss Nobody aka TheSchmuck
    Thanks dear...Happy new Year to you too...:D

  11. @Orange
    You know thy also almost never work for me too...;)

    But still...i give it a shot...:D

  12. @Dil
    wow you re read the list???


    and yes even I re-read the 3rd and 4th point...:P I will try to disuse few...:D

  13. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    I wrote this even though I read your resolution # 8 :)

    btw... what about zzzzzzzzzztime. You have no resolutions on that... ??? Strange!

    P.S. Here's wishing you a Happy, Safe, Wonderful and Prosperous New Year!!!

  14. So which one of this you broke within 24 hours ? :p

    Lakshmi Rajan


  15. @Roshmi
    I don't make complex resolutions to break...:P I make simple once to break..;)

    Happy new year to you...:D

  16. @Laxmi
    Took me first 2 hours to break resolution number 8 and the 23 hours to break number 9...:D

  17. 3 is something that I have been trying to do but unable to succeed :( I guess even I should make some resolutions this year. I never make any :P since I will end up breaking them anyway. Nice list sid and a very happy new year :)

  18. @Ashwini
    I also end up breaking them... but u know wats the fun in breaking rules if you have no rules...;) :P

  19. lollll so you're going to sob when you hear a funny joke? :))
    happy new year ^_^

  20. @Manju
    :-/ Oh i did not exactly thought it through...:P might try some new method...

    Yappy new year...:D

  21. Great Resolutions..Have never been a strong man to keep resolutions..so I never make any..

    Hoping and Praying for an OSSUM 2010 for you..

    Happy New Year..

    Keep Rocking..


  22. Happy New Year Well little late though ... I think I too should make some resolutions and see what happens to them :D


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