Away for the weekend…

I am on the trip around Blogville, yeah you heard it right, not farmville, blogville. Just when I was freaking about no longer being in my teens, universe gave me a wonderful chance to redeem my teens.  I was invited by two teens to author an article for their blog.

First it was Arjuna who asked me to write about my teens, which…err… was nice. Do visit this world of teenager, to read my karamati in my teens.

Then a very lovely and spirited friend Neha, from Strange thing called life asked me very sweetly to write a funny article for a blog, which I could never refuse. I decided to illuminate the world about the curse of television, which obviously we do not know as we are busy enjoying it.

Enjoy your weekend folks, and do move around blogosphere leaving your farms in care of scarecrows, cause you see, even farmers need some rest.


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