Funny Friday Fiction 55 with Bharathi

Today we have a spirited and a marvelous blogger with us, Bharathi from A Naked Opinion, he blogs with a different, with a clear ideology, definite vision and a very value words. Put your hands together for the philosopher and the true Kohinoor of Blogsville, Bharathi.
Its midnight now. I cant get sleep. Tomorrow is the deadline. Can I make it? I don’t know. If I don’t, I cant even think about it. I can sense a very strange feeling in my stomach.
Finally its nine in the morning, slowly I presented my failed mark sheet to my dad for signature.
Note: We all think kids are always happy. In my sense they too have their glad and sad moments. That’s the moral (?) of the story.
You are all invited to participate in Funny Friday Flash Fiction 55, just drop a mail id to guestblogger AT sidoscope DOT co DOT in(Obviously replace the capital letters with symbols). There are only two conditions, it should be funny and it should be less than 55 words.:D


  1. Thanks a lot for your wonderful introduction buddy. Hope our pals would enjoy the fiction.

  2. Lols... Hey bharathi, you know I remember being dead scared to show my report card to my dad. I wasn't that bright (then). Once I tried to practice his signature but my sister saw me doing that and she told my mom. I never forgave her that. NEVER. :P:)

  3. @Bharathi
    I always admired your blog bro. You lived life on your own terms. Ossum.

  4. @ bharathi
    I have never shown my marksheets to my dad if it was anywhere below distinction. I can't take his cold stares :(

  5. Report Card time was the only time when I felt like growing up fast! lol

    The Khaandan Ka Chirag post was gr8 too... Can't find it now.

  6. I guess thats every childhood was indeed a mission to get those hands to sign the report card. Wish there were rubber stamps with signatures of parents available.....would have made those nightmares a bit lighter...;)

  7. @Saurabh
    I am rewriting it again... it failed to give humor effect...will republish it soon...:D

  8. @ Raji: Ha ha. it happens. I had a spy like that as well.

    @ Sid: thanks buddy. hope that do any good to me.

    @ Neha: Distinction!!. oh you are a different bread then :-)

    @ Saurabh: True.

    @ Pankaja: :D

  9. ya, but it's true that - diamonds are made in pressures...but one has to draw the line.

    Nice one, Bharathi :)

  10. Good one. I ALWAYS showed my failed marksheet to my dad that once when i had accidentally passed my exams, my dad gifted me a watch which i still wear even after 6 yrs :)

  11. @ Megha and
    @ Aditya:
    thanks buddies. I am glad you liked it.

  12. Guess thats one part that everyone has in common, show-the-report-cards day! I too always used to put it off until the last moment possible and checking for changes in moods in the house (something like a moodoscope, savvy?) :D ;)

  13. I didn't find the fiction funny although the surprise element is intact along with other criteria for a 55-word story.And it makes for a good read :)
    Hmm never had a problem with studies or grades or report cards in my I guess I can't really relate to the narrator's feelings.But I think it must suck.

  14. nice one!!

    totally agree with the mora of the story!

  15. nice one :)

    totally agree with the moral of the story!

  16. @ Murali: I normally wait until it is late for my mother to leave for her job. The impact will be less because of time constraint u know ;-)

    @ Samadrita: Hmmm. Then u r lucky.

    @ Tangerine: thanks for understanding the moral of the story. I am happy seeing ur comment.


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