Funny Friday Fiction 55 with Megha

Continuing the tradition of giving you ROFL and LOL every friday by brining out the gem bloggers from all the parts of Blogosphere, Sidoscope today invites Megha from Life is a bowl of cherries. You can also see her photography skills on her photo blog.
She is about to share some of the sweet cherries from her bowl with us in 55 words.

She, He and her...

He was enjoying the Sunday cricket in the gulli. 

She passed them with her boxer dog and caught everyone's eye. 
He hit the next ball lightly towards her, hitting her calf. She turned. He winked at her making a lewd face.

Ooooooooowwwhhhh, his cry filled the air. He glinted at her, her boxer was missing.

You are all invited to participate in Funny Friday Flash Fiction 55, just drop a mail id to guestblogger AT sidoscope DOT co DOT in(Obviously replace the capital letters with symbols). There are only two conditions, it should be funny and it should be less than 55 words.:D


  1. Loved it!!!

    btw, u have been tagged.

  2. That's why girls love pets :D

    Nice post :D

    I liked your new colorful header Sid ;;)


  3. @ megha : i want a pet dog lyk NOW! :P
    your photoblog is ausum!

  4. Hey megha that's a nice one! Like neha said, just checked ur photo blog! Its damn good!

  5. Thanks Sid for posting my story.

    @Neha & Shruti
    thanks :) glad that you like it

  6. Megha, you are good with humour....

  7. Haha served him right.Hmm that makes me wonder whether I should get myself a dog too....a Retriever or a Labrador might help to ward off such unnecessary attention. :P :P
    Nice one Megha! :)

  8. Thanks Adesh & Samadrita :)


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