Funny Friday Fiction 55 with Raji

Sidoscope is proud to bring you Raji who Takes life as it comes, she is a excellent story teller and writes wonderful stories. Today she is here to tell us a story in 55 words only. Don't miss her stories on her blog, they are ossum.

Maria’s gift.
It was his birthday. He was more than ready to open his gifts. Maria couldn’t wait to see the look on her brother’s face when he unwrapped the gift.
“Wow! This is just like the toy I got last year that I lost!” he said.
Maria smiled mischievously. “It is.”
(This happened to my close friend who was celebrating his 10th birthday)

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You are all invited to participate in Funny Friday Flash Fiction 55, just drop a mail id to guestblogger AT sidoscope DOT co DOT in(Obviously replace the capital letters with symbols). There are only two conditions, it should be funny and it should be less than 55 words.:D


  1. Nice one. This reminds me of a scene in the movie 'fight club' (hav u seen this movie? if not I would recommend it).

  2. Sid, thank you for a wonderful intro...

    @Madhu: I haven't seen that movie.. Will do soon..

    @Neha: LOL... That was my first reaction too!!:))

  3. That was a cute 55-fiction.
    Kids can be real naughty at times :D

    Keep up the good work Raji :)


  4. ahaan... no wonder maria smiled mischievously..!!!!!

  5. Wow his sister is really insensitive I should say :X
    Nice one Raji!

  6. Ohhh...u think sis r like tht..??

    but, the fiction ws perfect n really made me Smile.. :)

  7. wow! i should try that :D

    haha! good one


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