Funny Poem: Cabby

This is the first poem I ever wrote way back in 2004, incidentally this was the first of many humor things I wrote back then. It was online on some blogs but today posting it for first time on Sidoscope. Enjoy guys.

The job was not great,
But for pennies sake,
I took up the Job
as a rental cab.
The first ride was okay,
except for a cheapskate.
I rode it on the street,
Until thick were my street.
Then, suddenly he tapped my shoulder,
I lost control and crashed on the boulder....
"What happened?" asked the client.
I realized my situation.
"Not your fault," I replied, slowly calming my fears.
"Today was my first ride, last forty years I drove a hearse."


  1. eeeeeeeee nicey!
    i love your poems they don't contain heavy jargons!


  2. Considering it had been written some 6 years back,it was indeed a good attempt at poetry.

    Keep up the good work Sid, loved the new look of your blog :)


  3. OMG... poor driver... He must have been so damn scared... :)


  4. @Neha
    Thanks ya... jo mujhe samaj mein ata hai... i write only that...:D

  5. @Haddock
    Tx a lot...welcome 2 sidoscope...:D

  6. @Chattebox
    yup...around 6-7 years back in a very sleepy lecture...:P

  7. dude you have to take a look at this


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