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Long long time ago, Mr. Shakespeare wrote, 'What's there in the name' and after that he went ahead and put his name under that line, which was ironic but necessary.

Since ages the name game is just below the blame game. Because to blame someone you need to name someone. Hence naming a name is more important that work.

Some names become too famous, that they are echoed through out the ages, like Mahatma Gandhi. This name is so overrated that after every three blocks you find a Mahatma Gandhi road, Mahatma Gandhi chowk, Mahatma Gandhi kinara.

A few days ago I was sipping tea in the Mahatma Gandhi tea stall (I am not sure if any member of Gandhi family has inaugurated or owned or even know about this tea stall) I asked the chai wala, 'Mohandas Gandhi ko janate ho?' (Do you know Mohandas Gandhi)

'Kaun?' (who) the man asked me, 'Is he new Gandhi president?'

Holy.. I dropped the hot tea and burned my fingers. Now those who do not know (which is a shame if you are an Indian) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the name of Mr. Mahatma Gandhi.

Some names are weapons of mass destruction, usually the ones from south India. Gopi from my office was known by all as Gopi, he never told anyone anything else. But I a very interesting incident brought his real name into picture.

Gopi was driving in the no-entry lane in Pune (they are so many that you sometimes tend to loose track) when he was caught by a traffic cop (who was doing something behind a tree)

'Where are you going?' he asked.

'Going, sir please let me go,' Gopi said.

'Nothing doing, tell me your name,' the cop removed the tattered book to give a ticket.

'Gopichettipalayam Nagakundilachucallepericati Kumarvellam Iyer,' said Gopi politely.

For half a minute the cop was quiet and then he said, 'Ok ok, don't do it again. I am letting you go because it is your first time.'

Weapon of mass destruction you see, I wonder who in his right mind would want such a big name.

Some names are too common to the irritation of their owners like Neha, Priya, Rahul, Amit.

Every third girl you meet on the street has name Priya, while the second one has name Neha.

Similarly every person in India happens to know atleast one Rahul and one Amit, however only one Rahul per person is not a limitation.

I know a Neha who was shouting like hell on Valentines Day because she received too many flowers in her hostel. She had no problems in receiving the flowers, the problem was they were not for her and she had a lot of explaining to do to the delivery boy as well as her boyfriend about the name problem.

Some family names become very popular through ages, like in India, Gandhi is the biggest brand sold in political outfits. Likewise Khan, Bacchan, Kumar are the brand sold in the films.

Similarly there are many famous brand names in India like the Thackarey, Godse, Joshi.

These names are as controversial as they are popular.

My friend was Lal, now his tragedy in life was that he came from a distant village in Bihar with the popular surname, however his father chose to name him Lal as in Red. Now he was definitely human nor was a red head but his name was Lal.

Madhu was a very good and close friend, however the tragedy in his life was he was he but he was named as a she.

In Punjab I hear names are very complicated like Parminder, can you forget the Parminder family in Khichadi TV serial? The whole family had a running name Parminder?

Some names are totally confusing like Kiran, Suhas these names are applied to females as well as males. I always dread that at some point of time I will be invited to a wedding where Kiran weds Kiran, and I am not sure if it will be straight marriage or a gay marriage.

Some names have controversy written on them hear this, in a hostel room no. 666 the room mates ate Thackarey and Yadav, can you digest it? I can't.

Recently Mr. Khan announced to the world My name is Khan, ok, point taken I won't ask your name again and I hope no airport will deport you and check you like they did before.

So you see, when Shakespeare asked 'What is there in the name' in the 16th century, little did he know that he will receive such tremendous answers in the 21st century.

Well my name is Sid aka Ravan aka Siddhesh Kabe, what is yours?


  1. :P cool post! BTW My name is Sharma.... Shilpa Sharma. :)


  2. Ques 1) What was the policeman doing behind the tree?

    Was he alone...

    And didnt Gopi ever tell you his full name.. poor guy.. I remember the scene from the ovie Dhamaal wherein Arshad Waasi and Javed jaffery take a lift from a southi.. LOL.. that was so funny..

    poor shakespeare didnt realise that he was inviting trouble.. If he had been alive, he would have committed suicide for sure..

  3. and hey what with the change in the blog pic at the top.. there is a funny "LOVE" story in everything... really... U ok sid.. kuch badla badla sa sound kar raha hai...

  4. Wow! you pointed out wonderfully the 'name game' that makes the world spin :D

    Keep up the good work Sid :)


  5. and UNFORTUNATELY i was named neha! i will never forgive my parents for it! grrr
    if you simply walk on a road and call out neha numerous heads turn back! i mean seriously what were my parents thinking?

  6. @Shilpa
    Thats also a very common name...:P

  7. @Chandz
    Arey wot the cop was doing is a serious buusiness...i have no clue...:P i also ride without PUC na, so i don't inquire a lot...:P

    Nope Gopi did not me or anyone his full name, his email id is also gopi.kumar in our office....:P

  8. @Chandz
    no re...its just I have this valentines mood everywhere were I have invited people to write a v-day love can also share it...:D

  9. @Neha
    err i think ur parents were not thinking at all...:P dats how my friend named his daughter...:P

  10. room no. 666 the room mates ate Thackarey and Yadav, can you digest it?Naa....even I can't... :p much to write about a name...but u know what, however common one's name might be, for a person his / her name is the sweetest word in the whole world....!! ;;)

  11. @Urvashi
    oh yes read few comments above... d sweetest name is for ppl whose name is nice one...:P

    not all...

  12. hehe...what's in a name???

    Well mine is Rhythm, though!!:P

    Brilliant answer to Shakespeare..Hope he was alive to hear ur theory!!!

  13. O yes... wonder if its ur true name. :-/

    Well, if he was alive... he wud kill me for sure...:P

  14. That was interesting!! :)
    My name is Shilpa and it is not so common! :)

  15. My name is Lakshmi Rajan and I am not a female :p

  16. :))... He would have been thrilled with your take.

    Oh My name is Harini btw :P.

  17. If he were alive he would have been thrilled by your take of the whole name thing :)).

    Oh my name is Harini btw :P

  18. Nice and tricky writing..i like it.

  19. well previously for others to be comfort i was called Puja .....which became poo. But when i made mistakes with my documentation i decided to make myself identified as Pankaja official name. Not to forget my pet name Pinky. whoosh thts too much for my identity crisis...esp when i call and need to tell my name.... after all " what is in a name?......".
    Good one!

  20. you have been tagged

    check out my post

  21. My name is Swet,and i'm doing pretty well thanks.However...people with same name as mine depress they are snatching my niche in the world away from me. LOL

  22. Hahaha. that's true sid. My name is not so common but I have seen guys with that name. It led to lot of confusions. I guess I had written about it earlier :)

  23. Hehe excellent read....!

    my name is DUVVURI SUBRAHMANYA MURALIDHAR, savvy :P you know where I can be from.......but people call me Murali, ask your friend gopi :D

  24. My Name is Dhiman.... tell me how many Dhimans do you know? Dhiman is my first name incase you want to say Gaurav Dhiman...etc...;))

  25. @Shilpa
    Your name is a little more mostly common, not as common as Neha...but little common...:D

  26. @Lakshmi
    Ha ha... I know ur condition...even I tot u were a girl before....:P

  27. @Harini
    Now thats a great name... and I just hope Ghost of Shakesphere does not haunt me...:D

  28. @Pankaja
    Aha...that explains the Pankaja-Puja blog which confused me as a joint venture between you and your sis...:D

    But Pankaja also is a unique name...just mobile doesn't allow storing long names and it becomes Pankaj...:P

  29. @Sveta
    U have done quite a name play on name...:D but observed girls wid name Sveta are pretty...:D

  30. @Avada
    true...but its not ur confusion...its the guys confusion....:P :D

  31. @Murali
    Babu... i will call u murali only...nothing else....:D

  32. @Dhiman
    Seriously thats very confusing thing u told me...:-/...Dhiman is ur name or family name??? I will prefer calling u Dhiman only...:P

  33. Hey Sid,

    Now this was completely hilarious! :)) So agree with you...wish Mr.Shakespeare was alive to read you post...he'd have changed his opinion may be! ;) Hey don't forget Swetas and Shilpas..I know a minimum of 4 each :P

    Good one Sid!

  34. Neha will kill you.

    Lakhsmi might be feeling happier as only Madhu was named while he was spared.

    Btw my name is Pramathesh. A numerological scientist (O_o) asked me to add Mr. to make it more lucky. So I m now Mr. Pramathesh


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