Bhagat Singh: Last days

The editorial opens with these lines, "The curtain has fallen on what must be regarded as one of the most sensational trials of our times. For reasons more than more the Lahore Conspiracy Case has a claim to go down in history." What followed was a loud and clear protest.

Yadav points out, "The Tribune carried the trial proceedings in total while other papers tried to suppress it." On October 9, 1930, when Bhagat Singh and his two compatriots were sentenced to death, a special evening edition of The Tribune reported the uproar in the city: there were protests, strikes, picketing of Government College and two arrests every five minutes.

The newspaper of March 25, 1931, in bannered grief cried out against the execution of the three young heroes. It displayed the famous photograph of Bhagat Singh in a hat, which was taken in a studio in Chandni Chowk in New Delhi after he escaped from Lahore with Durga Bhabhi after the killing of Saunders. The headlines on page one screamed: ‘BHAGAT SINGH, RAJGURU AND SUKHDEV EXECUTED.’ ‘No Last Interview with Relations.’ ‘Shouts Emerge From Jail.’ ‘Dead Bodies Secretly Disposed of’, Removed to Secret Place.’ That issue of The Tribune also reported of Bhagat Singh’s last letter that carried a request to be shot dead. Instead, he was kept 60 minutes on the gallows before being declared dead.


  1. Oh! That's how it was reported then? Thanks for sharing this on their Martyr day!

  2. @Shilpa
    Yup... its an old copy I got from National Archives Delhi...:D

  3. O that was a great piece of information...Thanks for sharing..

  4. Indian history has always been interesting. In fact in the 10th grade the professor in my classes told us more things apart from the text-book...



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