You can only come to the morning through the shadows- J.R.R. Tolkein
It was a desperate ploy, I admit. My interest in the supreme power was not to utilize it or harness it. I never dreamt I would one day wield it. I never knew the ultimate power could be tamed by anyone, lest only me. I judged that I had grown up with a massive power of will myself. I had survived so far, I bet on my own willpower to survive, which I am good at.
It was just survival, to survive I plunged into the ultimate power and I became God.
I became one with the universe.
The devil is now the God. Can the universe be saved from total annihilation? Can the world survive the devil? Do we have to worship the devil now? 
Read the concluding part of the ultimate out-of-the-world story. Fused in with two religious dogma and the ultimate truth..... death.
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