Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray

Eat cake is a delicious novel that is good for an appetite at any time. Light hearted comedy family drama which has all run for the emotions. The novel is written beautifully and revolves around the favorite dessert of the world… Cake.  
 Plus as a added bonus it also has a cake recipe on the back cover, I tried cooking it with…err...lets comment on my cooking skills later.

The Plot
*Spoiler warning: This reveals some part of the book*
Ruth, a married mother of two, is finding out that marriage is not always a bliss. Her normal life with a hospital administrator husband, surly teenage daughter and son at college is quickly disappearing as, within a year, Ruth’s mother comes to live with them, her husband loses his job and Ruth begins to wonder if her life is ever going to be happy again. The situation goes from bad to worse when Ruth’s father, who has been separate from his family since Ruth was two years old, calls to announce he has broken both of his wrists and needs to move in with them while he recovers. 
Suddenly, Ruth is faced with an unemployed husband who thinks his life’s dream is to rebuild yachts and two parents who have hated each other for over fifty years and now must live under the same roof. Ruth feels helpless, and the only thing that makes her feel better while taking refuse inside the soft bread of a cake. Can Ruth save the family? How can eating cake solve her problems? 

I love cakes.

Do grab this book and I am sure you will dig into it, like the soft brown cake.
P.s. As you know I have never officially done book and movie reviews before, but on insistence of some friends I have started with book reviews from my own vast collection. Hope you like it. Also check out the exclusive rating scale Sidoscore up there. 


  1. Sounds pretty interesting, need to give it a read sometime soon:D
    Good to see you try loads of new things, including book reviews:D

    Enjoy your cake and keep writing!!

  2. I absolutely love cakes too :)

    If you are a foodie, you should watch Julie & Julia...

  3. I like the title as i love cakes :P

  4. @ATNA
    I will definitely see the is it?? or book?

  5. @Lakshmi
    If you love cakes, go buy the book...its too good...:D

  6. Is there a unspoiler version of review available? :) Idea sounds interesting thiugh. Biggest problem with my reading is that I hesitate a lot to pick up new authors, but I am always interested in reading new books. Will give this one a try...
    Will send u spoiled cake if I dont like the book...:)

  7. @Dil...
    The part above notice is a unspoiler version. :)

    I am trying to get reviews of some less-known authors, do send me spoiled cake, I would love to have it....:D

  8. Looks like an interesting and hatke book. Will grab it and I love cakes :P

  9. I'll chk this know hw eatin cakes can solve problems.. :P :))

    hey ur review scale is awesssumm

  10. I am grabbing this book in the vacation! surely need to get over the romance novels...


  11. @Avada
    trust me wen i say this...
    if u love cakes, Eat Cake is something you cannot miss.

  12. @Urvashi
    Thanks a lot...:D Yes, eating cakes does solve her problem...:D

  13. @Neha
    Yes sure do...this sweet family comedy is going to make you want more for cake...:D

  14. @ATNA
    Yup, grabbed it today from vdo library will watch over weekend and might as well give a review...:D

  15. had to read it for review.reading it was really very intersting.


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