Funny Friday Fiction 55 with Mani Padma

Finally after a lot of try, finally managed to steal off power-blogger, Mani Padma, the star blogger from Fried Eye and Ginger Chai, if only for 55 words. 

The Proposal 
He was supposed to come today. Will he pop the question ? 
I looked at the watch nervously ,when the calling bell rang. 
I rushed to meet him. Seeing me, he bend on one knee and offered the rose, his eyes communicating the question.
“Oh Sid! Yes! I will write for you sure," I sobbed.

You are all invited to participate in Funny Friday Flash Fiction 55, just drop a mail id to guestblogger AT sidoscope DOT co DOT in(Obviously replace the capital letters with symbols). There are only two conditions, it should be funny and it should be less than 55 words.:D

P.s. As you can see the big drama queen and has agreed to write a story for us, wwuuu huuu, she is coming soon guys, keep following....:D


  1. @ mani padma : seems like he stalked you for this one :P


  2. Um Sid weren't you supposed to publish my friend's post this week?

    Anyway this is a nice one too...

  3. It was real fun reading it....

  4. read tat post of urs in tat blog...ten things waala...wnted to comment cudn't:(
    am ter to read wat all write..likhne ke liye dimaag abhi rest pe hei bt i'll come n read :P others' :)

  5. Asking to write a post with one bend knee and a rose! Wow! :))

  6. cant wait. Oh! btw i changed my blog id :P.

  7. @Neha No he didn't but yes he did trick me with his words :)
    @Samadrita :0 any confusions? Well thanks BTW
    @Geeta It is real good that you like it
    @Priya Oh please do. You will like it. He is a complete madhouse.
    @ Sid Zyada chadha diya tune. I am no way a power blogger as I am neither bald nor do I wear a hat.:))

  8. Haha.. Load of high-dramaists, both of you!

  9. @Mani & Sid: Haha! Load of high-pitched dramaists both of you! Good one this. Completely caught off guard.


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