The only truth in the universe is death. Extinction. Annihilation. In a highly fluid environment one must be prepared for change, extinction is the natures way of telling that land must be cleared for a new species to dominate. Nature is governed by a single law, Adapt or perish.
This holds true for a single individual, species, society or even a reality. Thus when Dinosaurs had fulfilled their time on earth, a meteoroid shower conveniently wiped them of their existence.
The universe threw me into the liquid reality without any life support…. sink or swim, in the ancient prison of Kaladunga. I did, what I always do best, I survived. I was born in the dark cellar on the dungeon on the island of Kaladunga, and my childhood was spend getting whipped by the prison master for the sins I never committed.

This is the entry posted by me on INDImag's Katha Sagar contest. An interesting tale how we humans condemned a person to darkness who is now out there to rob the light.

Katha Sagar on INDIMag is a very interesting contest and if you love short stories, I can put a bet, you won't love to miss it.

Read the complete story on INDImag...God.

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And....enjoy the weekend.

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