The temperature is getting hotter and hotter, and my attempts of convincing my girlfriend that I do not take bath to save the earth are getting lesser and lesser. She refused to meet me and threatened to dump me, if I did not take a bath before meeting her, damm, with such narrow minded people how can one save the planet?
I remember Prashant, my friend from my days in engineering college.

42-16022523 In our engineering exams we had total of six units to appear, and all you had to do was score a 40/100, quite an easy achievement you see, which most of the time was hard. The scoring meter suddenly used to run out of fuel on exact 28 (I had this score for 3 subjects, all moved to 40 during revaluation)

So like studying for six units was not a big task, but if you see the size of the books we pretend to read, it did sounded like a herculean task. The exams used to be at 2 am in hot scorching heat, so I used to drive early in the morning to pretend to study, which never happened, but still I used to go… for Prashant.
He used to sit there close to exam hall, usually near the terrace reading from his notes. Now, I never visited him for his notes but for…

‘Hi Prashant,’ I greeted him as I walked towards him.

‘You came, good,’ he exclaimed.

‘Yup, tell me,’ I said looking at him.

‘See, in unit 1, read this part, unit 2, read this paragraph to this, I am sure this will come in paper,’ he used to
tell me.

Now he never had a leaked paper with him, he never had any Jack with the university, nor was he a distant
relative of Trelawney.

But look at his confidence.

Everyday for four years 2 hours before exam he used to tell me what the paper will have and with full confidence.

Whatever questions he marked never came in paper.

Never even once but confidence.

*Name changed as I do not know where he is now.

** Trelawney is the divination teacher in Harry Potter, a seer. Go read a book.


  1. Hahaha.. that was funny =)) so did that friend of yours pass the exams or flunked all of them? :)

  2. =))... I know someone who does that too and sometimes i do it too. But I m kinda proud to say that those questions did appear in the paper if not that year in years ahead :P. But yeah, i used to have atleast guessed 5 questions right ;). Amazing na ;).

  3. Ok.. I am finally on chrome (just to read your blog coz i will have to uninstall it coz it will make my comp super slow)..:|

    Confidence, boss..!!

  4. ohh...confidence hmm...did he pass but??

    n hey, it shd be 2 pm not 2am for the scorching heat.... :)

    thnks 4 the PS..i dint know what tht was.. :) :P

  5. nor was he a distant
    relative of Trelawney. lol =))
    my exams are going on and people twnd to say aaj paper mein ye aayega which is always wot i not study! :P


  6. Haha at least he studied those questions :P I never did! :D

  7. @Avada and Urvashi
    I did not dare to ask.... did not want the poor guy to lose his confidence...:D

    I did study from his important points...:P I flunked twice...

  8. @harini
    dammm i sud study with you...:P damm amazing....5 questions means...40 score...I wud pass...:D

  9. =)) He should go into the limca books ;)
    oh and for the record? IT's only 35 for us here at kolkata...for the non techies :P *be jealous*

  10. @Sweta
    Damm you.... u were saved 5 marks...grrrr.... *puffing smoke* :P
    but we techies copied for 5 adjust ho gaya...:P

  11. Great confidence man....
    I was a sincere student as I never believed in guess works...


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