Some significant discoveries made by woman, stolen by men.

This was written on Woman's day, but then I got a call at morning 5 am from me, who told me he will take the post down. So it was not me who removed the post but me who calls me at five o’clock in the morning. Many people said it was a nice post, so putting it back up. Enjoy.


 wooman_thumb2Today to wish the noble opponent congratulation on her day, i.e., woman day, throughout the time woman have made many worthwhile discoveries, like when men invented fire to watch at woman in dark, woman invented cooked food.

There are many other discoveries mankind has seen, which woman had a lion-share in or shall I say, lioness share in...

Long long time ago when there were no daily soaps, woman used to get very bored sitting in the house. So what really happened was, when Mrs. Newton got bored of taunting her husband endlessly and threw him out of the house.

He then went and sat under a tree thinking of building a complex machine to break open the door. When she realized his plan, she immediately picked up a fallen apple and threw on his head, she aimed high and it hit him hard.

As she saw the apple come down with a massive force on her husbands head, she realized the greatest discovery of all, it was her destiny, it was her moment of truth, she discovered... Apple juice!!!

Excited from this discovery she picked up the apple and told her no-good husband, Isaac about it.

He in-turn pondered on the apple and snatched it and ran into his room. There they say he was locked up for months and finally managed to write three small lines, the three laws of motion....

He went to a bunch of no-good ideals in the city and they pondered on the three lines for hours and he cunningly told the tale of how God threw apple on him.

wooman2_thumb1 Sad Mrs. Newton, she couldn't get her name on the discovery and couldn't even drink apple juice!!!

So you see, while man was busy fighting complex math around a stupid apple, woman on other hand made the most important use of it...

But woman were also not far behind in moths,

One day Miss Alberta Einstein was arguing with her boy friend that they do not meet often. He however insisted that they met every day for around 8 hours. In the meanwhile she often wondered why she works at the patent office for 30 hours per day???

She decided to stay away from her boyfriend and locked herself into the room, after several months, or was it years??? decades maybe....or aeons?? Alberta's worried mother called her out to meet her relatives, Lo and behold...she exclaimed,

"Everything is relative!!" announced Alberta.

Her brother, Albert, immediately overheard this and he also went into the same room, and after years and years later came out with a single line, sheesh…E=MC2

Its a cruel world no? So finally they reported of Albert as the Einstein!!!!

Although its pretty late...but happy wooo-mans day!!!

P.s. How could I miss woman's day?

P. P.s. The articles are meant for fun and do not mean to disrespect any individual, group or person…sacchi.


  1. hey sif.. funny one indeed..any wayss.. thanks for the women's day wishes..:) keep writing...:)

  2. ok buster! now out with it? who is the woman behind this fabulous post? no no it cant be yurs? as you yurself have put it. so give us the name of that highly talented lady. history won't commit the same mistake once again!

  3. @PPram
    Pram darling, the day they make the gun, prepare to get assaulted...:P u will b target of atleast 100 i know off...:P

  4. @Mani
    Shss...thats a biiiiiggg sectory...maybe hundred years down the line someone will tell...:P

  5. strangely this post makes me want to throw apples at ppl lollz, im in a totally weird mood today

  6. I simply loved the post...
    was fun but more than fun I speaks out something serious too...
    Women are special in their own special way...
    yehs women are intelligent women are good at sports..but every woman basically has that something special a special way of thinking that differs her from a man...and after all everything is important...if theory of gravitation is important then the apple juice is equally important too :))

    I loved the post ..i guess it ws fiction .yet it speaks !!

  7. @Manju
    Go on throw apples, we need more newtons....:P

  8. @Priya
    Infact apple juice is MORE important than gravity, gravity increased maths, apple juice is tasty...:P

    I know woman are special...u too...;)

  9. @Sorcerer
    You speak holy world...ossum...ossum!!! :D

  10. @Avada
    Too much nice, or too much bad...:P


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