The winning flight

He was called the omen of death,
He was feared where ever he went.

He perched on the tallest branch of tallest tree waiting, watching,
for even a little mishap and they would blame the poor fellow.

He perched on the tallest branch of tallest tree waiting, watching,
waiting for the wolves to feast on the carcass fallen below.

The wolves gathered around thanking the bird profusely for the feast,
he watched the carcass torn open by the pointed teeth of the beast.

He waited, he watched waiting for the time right,
He waited, he watched finally entering the bloody fight.

Diving down with all his might,
he screamed loudly and took the flight.

The wolves confused of sudden attack,
scattered around leaving their snack.

He perched there on top of his food,
slowly nibbling on the soft flesh so good.

He showed them who was the best,
eating the food, defeating the rest.

He took a giant leap towards the sky,
from the trees the wolves saw the bird fly.

They watched him soar confidently,
mocking them and showing them pity.

P.s. The story of ‘The fallen leaf’ concept was very similar to a book of ‘The last leaf’ by O’Henry which I may have read in childhood, I made the mistake unknowingly, so on realizing the error, removed the post.


  1. Oh so thats where the post went. I was searching for it. I read it and commented but after that i was thinking i read it some where now that you pointed it out i know where :P. Hota hai!

    Coming to this post... bechare wolves :P.

  2. I still don't get why is this bird called omen?
    Anyway I read poems in very few blogs coz i got this understanding issue na...
    not disappointed again here i understood the poem :P
    if your poems were published in english balbharti texts in school, life would have been easier...


  3. That was a very nice poem, with a story :)

  4. O the poet coming out of Sid....Wow....that was lovely...

  5. Good to see the poetic side of u! :)


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