Half empty!!!

So we time travel back to my past to the morning 6:15 AM ka local as me and my no-good-buddies (so named by my mom and certified by my dad) were as usual hanging on the door of the train to give our internal exam in college(which by the way happened every time our professor fought with his wife ).

My friend Telli (thus christened for the tradition chameli ka tel(jasmine oil) smell in his hair) was busy sitting in the corner of train in full on tension. Reason?Today was our math paper and Telli, after burning the complete night lamp and learning problems by heart, came confidently on the railway platform and in the wee hours of morning I greeted him like,

‘Hey did you do problems from so-and-so book?’ me.

‘No why?’ he.

‘Don’t you know… the paper is leaked, all problems will come from this book only.’

Well, the effect was, instead of shouting at people doing potty on the railways tracks early in the morning, he decided to sit in the corner of the train studying (or rather by hearting) the sums (Yes we by hearted the sums, you have to do it if you have to live up to your universities expectations).

As train crossed Karaswadi station, a patented ‘hai hai’ voice filled the compartment followed by claps. The eunuch gang had entered the compartment for their early morning share from our hard earned pocket money.

bom4emupassngrsThe genius friends of mine, hatched a plan to avoid them and as the train was moving slowly, we jumped from the front door of the compartment and running behind, climbed back from the rear door of the compartment. The effect, we didn’t have to face them as they moved on, we came behind them…genius na? With one problem, we forgot to inform Telli about it, and he was caught in their group. Four against one, poor thing. They demanded money and touched him shamelessly in those parts which we were sure he himself is ashamed of touching even in bathroom.

To end the harassment, he quickly handed over a ten rupees to the so-called leader and they smiled at him, while going the leader-looking half-aunty turned back and said, ‘Hey handsome, you are studying hard, don’t worry you will easily pass in the paper today…’

His face beamed and we were sure it was not because he was called a handsome for the first time. We enter college and lo, as usual the rumor of paper leaking was a rumor and the problems which telli had learned- by heart at night only came into paper. He says that they have some power over the matter because of which the miracle happened.

Since that day, wherever telli sees an eunuch, he crosses the road goes to them and hands over a tenner.

If only I had given a tenner to them.


  1. hahahaha.... i think u should rather be glad that they didnt touch you... :D

  2. enjoyed the mix of many daily nuances

  3. hehehe... they say they are good luck :P. They fortunately dont bother to go behind girls. One benefit of being a girl eh ;)

  4. Haha! You really have a never ending stock of stories... huh?!!

    I too remember our encounters with the 3rd gender...in trains. We being girls were lucky and were not harassed. But the poor guys in our gang... as soon as the sound of clapping emanated from the next compartment... they would quickly climb up on the top berth and pretend to be fast asleep. Even then... no respite. Their clothes would be pulled and a steady "commentary" flowed till they "woke up" and handed over a 10 or 20 bucks... each.

  5. Ha ha :) On a serious note, the society should change its view about eunchs and make them part of soceity and not alienate them. Alienation leads them into such things... The society and government should make effort to integrate them.

  6. @Chandz
    True true I sud be glad they did not touch me...:P but i failed in maths that day....:P

  7. @Harini
    Haa...don't tease.... i know u lucky girls....:P

  8. @Roshmi
    Seriously.... the clapping commentary happens everywhere...i really pity your friends when they faced this....:O

  9. @Lakshmi
    No no dude...the problem is, they them-self choose to stay aloof of the society so letting them in is difficult...

  10. People who have traveled by trains at any point of their lives have a hell lot of amazing stories to tell :P

    P.S Its fun annoying you while arguing. It might be a Pune train :P

  11. P.P.S Rather a Mumbai train running in Pune.

    I won anyway! haha

  12. @Neha
    Ok bas haan abhi....:P

    I got many hilarious experience on train...will share most of them...:D

  13. Those things give me the creeps...

    But a lot of people believe that they control your luck..


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