Movie Review: Phoonk 2

The first was a warning, yet I did not pay attention and went for Phoonk 2, which turned out to be even more pathetic than the first one.
If howling dogs, scary background music, shadow effect do not scare you, bad acting will definitely scare the nuts out of you.
Debutant Director Milind Gadagkar tries to show you something that Ramsey Brothers showed you since the days of original Zee Horror show(the first people to scare the nuts of India). 
Ram Gopal Verma is trying to find the hit formula for making his films, wondering why some of them work while others don't, well sirji, try hiring a writer next time, maybe, just maybe, your film will work.
So like the story goes, a never seen before bad acting couple with a kid (ooh nail biting), a big beach facing house with jungle behind it (its recession time, people do buy shabby houses) a actress cum ghost with a horrible makeupwho is not happy of her death in first part comes back from the death...
And then rivers of blood flows down with death count more than all terminators together, with extra relatives and servants hired specially to get killed like cockroaches.
Like you didn't guess the ending? Its a Hindi film. So no points to guess the ending.


  1. Thanks for the review and 'warning message'. I had no plans of catching this one... even on DVD. Now I am all the more convinced :)

  2. Bwaahahhhaha!
    Guts haa, seriously!

  3. I must admit your courage buddy that you saw this one I couldn't stand the trailers even .... BTW the lead actor is a Kannada movie star named Sudeep(he was there in Rann too) ...

  4. Huu huu haa haa hooo hooo.....My God ...Phoonk 2...bardasht ke baahar...

  5. Okay I was not planning to watch this movie :P I expected it to be like this. But still thanks for the warning :)

  6. @Roshmi
    Good, you will be safe then....:P

  7. @Dhiman
    Its a shame to call him Actor...but ok cool...:P

  8. @Avada
    I consider it my duty to warn...:P


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