A quitter always wins but the winner quits strategically

Napoleon once said ‘A quitter never wins and a winner never quits,’ obviously he never worked in a software company with a shabby 10% increment in your salary a year. The modern Napoleon who brandishes a silicon rectangular sword made of 101 keys, says, ‘A quitter always wins but the winner quits strategically.’

Old Napoleon had invasion plans, plans to make himself rich by invading countries and castles, the modern Napoleon who works in a software company quits his jobs, takes another one with a direct self-appraisal of 60% to himself with a good joining bonus.

The strategy used by both are similar.

Before invading the country Napoleon used to send a messenger to send to the king waiting outside the outskirts of the invading country, similarly the modern napoleon writes a resignation letter filling it with poisonous fumes.

Dear Jhandu Balm (read: Boss) 
It's extremely hard for me to do what I must do today. My experience with you and this company has been so fulfilling and joyful that I almost cried when I realized I had to move on to a different career opportunity. 
This letter is to officially notify you of my resignation from the company. My last day will be today. 
I hate to leave. You have been such a mentor to me. Your guidance and friendship have made me regard you as another parent, of which I love so much. Hopefully we can still stay in touch. Maybe even get together for a beer this summer. 
Again, my dear friend, thanks so much for allowing me to know such a well-adjusted and intelligent person such as yourself. 
Let's get together for lunch soon,

Modern Napoleon
Old Napoleon
Source: http://www.toonpool.com
Then they wait, keep their weapons sharpened. The old Napoleon sharpens his swords waiting for the messenger to return, the modern Napoleon sharpens his tongue for the grueling meetings when the company will try to retain you back.

The messenger returns with a negotiator in olden days, in modern times, your PM asks for your a meeting on receiving your letter. The gravity of the event can only be compared to the time period after proposing a girl and waiting for her response.

The meeting is nothing significant but you are praised a lot during the first half of it then they ask you to stay in the company with promises of better things, promises that even will make politicians ashamed. When they realize you are not ready to budge, they resort to emotional blackmail.

‘This is not fair, you are living now, we need you…etc. etc. etc.’

So the second half of the meeting, they stoop low to emotionally blackmail you and if you are a Napoleon, you come out smiling and they crying.

In the olden days, when the messenger failed to convince the invasion, the king used to invite for a parlay, in modern sense, now the director schedules a meeting for you.  The session repeats when he gives you the assurance about the same promises about money, promotion etc.

For a moment, you think, it is fair staying here. The king may be winning, but then you realize, if this things where give before before the invasion plan in first place. 

Earlier days the kings and princes used to praise Napoleon in hopes that he will spare their country. 
So following suit all of the sudden becomes a super employee, you are the youngest member of the team to go so far, all management is happy with you. Words like increment, appraisals, team player are put it.

You refuse the proposition. So the king is upset, fine he says go on with your plan, our company won’t stop if you won’t work.

Obviously, then why are we having this meeting?

The king then begs for 45 days until invasion, wherein he will plan the troops, sudden attack will render him useless. You take pity on him and agree to stay on. The modern napoleon has started plans and he will execute them. The invasion is inevitable.

Oh yes. I quit my current job to work on my novel.


  1. ha ha... very true in S/W industry :))

  2. Whoa! Naaice comparision. Can u write one on how to approach for pay raise? With dimplomacy and tact of course. Sarcasm has to be subtly intended. Can u?

    All the best for the book! :) We're waiting!

  3. All the best for your new venture.


  4. Haha now that was hilarious. My friend told me the same thing when he quit and you write the same. Guess s/w industry people are the same everywhere! lol! Good luck!

  5. That was a cool comparison and so very true too.
    Wishing you the very best. :)
    Cheers :)

  6. I take that as an advice now since I have started working :P


  7. hehehe... Good luck on the book. You can be assured that I would be one of the buyers and make u rich my what ever one book makes you :P.

  8. haha good one and good luck buddy...sure u have a bright future...best wishes always:)

  9. hey hope my comment got saved:)

  10. haha...good one...

    managers are good at showing carrots :)
    we'll try for your promotion...increment...profile...blah blah....BUT, next appraisal :(

    All the best...do let me know when you have your novel out :)

  11. @Shilpa
    It mostly happens in all the industries...specially software...;)

  12. @Deepti
    Righto.... well I will write how to remain cool to get ossum pay raise... it is ok??? cos getting pay raise is the KRA process, very boring...:D

  13. @Shilpa
    :O one more...

    Thanks a lot, will send you once it is done...;)

  14. @Aditya
    people who sail in sunken ship are same every where...:P congratulate your friend on my behalf...:D

  15. @Neha
    Keep following...more articles coming soon...;)

  16. @Harini
    Woah thanks a lot....that surely gives me a strong morale boost....:D

  17. @R. Ramesh
    Thanks...and yes your comment did get publishh...both of dem...:D

  18. @Megha
    Thats wot, we will try, try...i said i want in writing..toh they refused...:P my resignation was their mistakes...:P

  19. Bravo Sid!Following your heart's desire is a much preferred alternative to stagnating in a place where you wouldn't like to be :))
    Nice article!

  20. That was a fantastic comparison :)
    Thoroughly enjoyed it :D
    Best wishes for your novel and good luck for everything you do :D


  21. Gele Udat Chayla!

    Great job (the resignation)

    Enjoyed the comparison

  22. Okay I dunno why I used that ridiculous ROFL smiley in my comment.Mistake mistake :P

  23. @Sammy
    Yes madam, i have taken first step, lets see what happens next...

    and its k...smiley for the post...;) :D

  24. @Saurabh
    Yo dude...thanks for support...:P

  25. O buddy great comparison..
    Waiting for your book...
    All the best

  26. @Geeta
    Thanks, its gonna be a killer....:D


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