When God met me…

The other day I was quietly sitting on the bench in park munching on Cheese Balls (yummy) and reading a Wolverine comic when all of the sudden I heard a voice,

‘Dude, we need to talk…’

Afraid that this was another spam call for the credit card, university degree or a brand new offer I cannot say no too, seriously we should have a mark as spam button on mobile phone, ok focus, I looked around with my arms out to smash the employee…but I saw no one!!

‘Dude, Up here,’ came the voice again.

I craned my neck in curiously and all of the sudden everything changed, the air around me was pulled upwards and lo and behold I was sucked up wooosh, and with the speed that will even make the big boy blue with red underpants ashamed, I flew upwards whooosh, Godspeed and lo and behold, the creator, the ossumest dude of them all, the big Oh, the big Omega, the big OHMYGOD…Mr. God was standing in front of me scratching his head.

Now, since childhood everything I was taught about him vanished boosh and the first thing that came to my mind was…’What up?’

He smiled and said, ‘Me.’


‘Dude,’ He says, ‘I just thought I should check you people down there and was a little bit confused, so I thought will you help me?’

God, The God, The big God asking me for help? Wow. Asking. Not ordering damm.

‘Sure thing,’ I agreed I couldn’t help nothing, ‘Understanding humans for dummies’ book lying on his ossum glass table, just covering the ‘Coffee table book on humans’

‘So tell me dude,’ He said, ‘What is this?’

He handed a camera to me, ‘This is a camera, it clicks pictures and freezes them for us to see…’
‘But I gave you people eyes and memory to store that…’ He said confused, ‘Why do you need this anyways?’

‘You see, Dude, err…’ I began, ‘Sometimes… you know you have to show the thing you saw to others and like memory nowadays is not that good and like… you know… maybe during trials, judgment…’

‘So are you saying I did not give proper memory? And trials? you people rely on a artificial machine instead of human memory…strange…’ He pointed to the television.

‘Well…you see it is an idiot box used for entertainment. In which some humans act and entertain others…’ I said.

‘Wow this is interesting seeing people perform arts, but when I turn it on it emits rays why is that?’ He asked.

‘You see, the people acting are not real. They are send as form of rays so they can be broadcasted…’ I explain.

‘And others stare to the emitting light? Well… no wonder you need a device to see things for you are already destroying the eyes I gave by watching at those rays, plus these art form, I see people watching them day and night… no wonder their memory is at loss… So you build a device to replicate my work and then build other devices to destroy my work…interesting.’

‘And this…’ he said pointing to an AC, ‘I an air cooler which cools the air… on one hand you need cooler air and on the other you build vehicles to populate atmosphere causing global warming…'

Suddenly the phone rang, a phone? What is God’s number?

‘Yeah, I have a human with me…’ he said to someone on the phone, ‘Leave it no, cancel plans, they are anyways going to destroy the planet themselves’

He hung up and turned back to me, ‘You are the strangest species I ever saw… on one hand you destroy yourself and the resources I gave you for free and on the other hand you choose to build them by spending another bunch of resources. You now have remote to prevent you from walking a little distance and then you build this big big power vehicles to transport to some other distance.’

I was speechless, dang, all was true. This was bad. Real bad. Sand in swimsuit bad. What can be done? Nothing, because our days of turning back are over. Nothing can be undone,

‘So dude,’ finally God said, ‘Thanks for your help, now I see, you humans are like dumb sheep. I gave you a free world, a free world to dance, to sing, to enjoy to be free and you followed some people and build up chains around you, you yourself with your idiotic societies and countries and your labels, your rules, your laws, your punishment. You people are hopeless, you need guidance, you need leadership.

Just yesterday in a meeting, Yamdev was complaining, people are killing themselves, moral fiber is weakening.

You need a all-seeing father, why can’t you take your own destiny in your own hands? Why do you need fate, angels to guide you? Why are you so afraid of darkness and above all… why don’t you believe in yourself?’

I was totally speechless. Well, God was right. Err.. He is always right, obviously, but where are we headed? On one end, we follow a religion blindly without thinking at all, throwing ourselves into the hands of those idiots who interpret God in the way they want, on the other hand we have science which is destroying us part by part, one mm at a time.

No the war is not against science and religion, the war is against truth, freedom, humanity versus the controlled society? You say science is need for development, my question do we need development? You say religion is needed to instill morals in a human, but then what morals are actually taught??

What do you think?


  1. OMG... No wonder, God is the super power and he is one know-it-all guy..

  2. Yes dear God was right....BTW next time when God comes to meet you do ping me...(I have some questions to ask)...

  3. Yes we have indeed wasted this incredible gift of life forging boundaries within boundaries and becoming narrow-minded to an extent where we have rejected all the finer aspects of life.
    Nice post.If we had an opportunity to hear God's say in this he would no doubt be saddened by this present way of things :))

  4. @Chandz
    Not he, she...anyways...lets hope She knows what She is doing....:D

  5. @Geeta
    Sure thing... I will send you a mis call...btw what exactly questions u have? if not personal, care to share???

  6. @Sammy
    Let hope She knows what She is doing....and lets hope he knows our way of life...:)

  7. I do not know whether a god exists or not but, he always made a better sense than us!
    great post!


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