A day without coffee...

Once upon a time, a sleeping planet, unknown of the horrors it will face in the next few minute, wakes up to a fresh Monday morning…

While the world was sleeping, the fuel that drives the planet Earth... coffee, suddenly vanished. The world panicked, who was behind this horrible, brutal invasion? Had some crazy dictator decided to take over? Was this a alien conspiracy? Its 8:30 in the morning and the world still sleeps.

A dreamy Morpheus has taken over the minds of people, they cannot sleep, they cannot wake. The human race is slowly being pushed into a zombie like state, where the sleepy lay awake. The worlds most beloved lubricant is needed to push the gears back in action for the world to function.

Poor wife who doesn't know the true value of the Brown Gold, coffee tries to be sympathetic towards the husband whose mind simply refuses to wake up. Add to the horror, she reminds him of the fresh way to start coffee. 

Where has the coffee gone? What will happen next? Can the world wake up to save the beloved refreshing drink? Will the coffee return the world back to its crazy self? 

Stay tooned for whats coming next!!!!

P.s. Sidoscope looks better if read while holding a cup of coffee. 

P.p.s. I just made that up. Yeah. 

P.p.s: The content featured is a purely work of fiction, coffee wells of the world are fine and safe, I assure you all steps have been taken to keep them under Bio Safety Hazardous Level 4, which includes multiple biometrics scanning while visiting one. So have that cup of coffee and while drinking it, share the story to the world of the laziest day on planet earth.

Coffee Cheers,


  1. The best thing ever...;) :x

    Irony: Was drinking my second cup of coffee at 7.52am in office... ( I am so very punctual to office) :):) ;))

  2. :D hehe.. I read it along with a cup of coffee in hand. I simply cannot live with coffee.. Waiting for more!

  3. A day without coffee?? When?? How?? :-/
    Waiting for the enlightenment!!

  4. Staying 'tooned' sounds fun.
    Looking forward to the next part :)

  5. Lol good one.I guess this is coming from a sworn coffee-addict.Trust me I have a friend who got sick owing too excessive caffeine consumption... >_<
    Waiting for the next part.

  6. A day without coffee? Thank God as long as I have my ginger chai i don't have to worry :D

    looking forward to see how the rest of human race will survive :P

  7. thanks for not vanishing tea..i don't drink coffee :)

    Nice...u have raised my curiousity. Waiting for more :)

  8. Oh no!! Take away anything but spare my COFFEE!!! :-o

    Part 2!!! Part 2!!!
    Waiting....but impatiently!!! :((

  9. I can't live without coffee! The drawings are amazing.

  10. awesome!!!! yea..coffee rocks!

    P.S.- I love the post scripts!!!! ;P

  11. No coffee....OMG...but chai bhi chalti hai...so no such probs.
    waiting for the next part...

  12. No coffee..OMG..But chai bhi chalti hai..so no such probs...
    Waiting for the next part

  13. @Raji U
    Second cup before 8 in the morning, Raji I suddenly like you....:D
    thanks, keep reading...more coming soon.

    The post looks better with a cuppa coffee in hand...;) wait for some more awesomness....:D

    @Shilpa Garg
    Wait for it madam...;)

    Got the idea from you...writing series of post...;)

    Tell your friend to visit the blog... :P only a coffee addict will know what is wrong with the world.

    @Lakshmi Rajan
    ha ha... :P yeah next time i will drain chai also...:P

  14. @Esther
    Thank you. I am flattered. If you like coffee, I like too....:D

    Eeeeks....chai drinker....:P see if the coffee is over in the world, we all coffee addicts will start drinking tea, phir socho...:D

    See see... coffee coffee....:D wait for it...the next part is even more awesome!!!

    So be ready on the laziest adventure on the planet. Thanks, I try to draw. :D

    @Minstrel Incognito
    Thanks... keep following the second part is coming soon....:D

    Megha, dekh dekh, Geeta....chai bhi chalta hai...:P trying to attack ur chai resource..

  15. *Sheesh! Why do people fuss so much over a coffee. I have tasted it once and thought it was ok. I dont like coffee and tea. Am i weird* Wondering...

    What happened to the coffee? I wanna know, I wanna know!

  16. phew what a nightmare!

    thank you for the pps... now can breathe easy!

  17. Hi Siddesh,
    Nice post.As a fellow coffee lover, I know how it feels. I invite you to explore my love affair with coffee, expressed in this post.

  18. hi buddy ..

    Embrace it @ http://maheshisms.blogspot.com/p/awards.html


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